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2320 C Woodland Crossing Drive
(Woodland Park Crossing)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes

This is a very small pizza joint serving not only pizza but also sandwiches, salads and pasta. A limited selection of pizza by the slice is available, and the selection changes all the time. There are many specialty gourmet pizza choices or you can "build your own pizza" choosing from dozens of vegetarian toppings, 10 different meats and 5 different cheeses. This is New York style pizza but with more sophisticated ingredients and superior service. An 18 inch cheese pizza is about $16.
Reviewed 10/07

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User Reviews

I don't eat at zPizza often, but when I do, its always excellent. The
delivery people are among the few that can follow directions in the Herndon area and get to the right part of my complex so I can find them. The pizza itself is quite
good, although if you're used to eating fast-food chain pizza, you're probably not
going to like zPizza. I've had the Mediterranean Rustica pizza, the greek pizza,
and a make your own with a variety of veggies. We have also had the greek salad and the meatball sub, also reordered.
MS, Herndon
Likes : Rubinos, Moby's
Dislikes: McDonald's, Applebees
Reviewed: 12/18/09

ZPizza is hands down the worst pizza I have EVER had. I ordered the dip n' stix, and they were HORRIBLE. They must bake them as soon as they open and leave them under the heat lamps or something. Paper thin and rubbery. The pizza I ordered was the same way, bland and rubbery. The price on the food puts a fairly big dent in the pocketbook too. I can't see how this can be a "healthy" alternative to other pizza restaurants, as I have had it three times and every time I have hurled. Stick with Mangino's if you want a decent pizza in the Herndon area.
Ben, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Hoolihan's
Reviewed: 2/13/09

I got delivery from Z Pizza on a Wednesday night. I think they have only been open a day or two, but they have some interesting offerings. I try to go for anything new and interesting I see on a menu, and these seemed to fit the bill. I tried a Berkely Soy Cheese Veggie, a Tuscan Mushroom, and an Apple Pie Pizza. The Berkely tasted decent and very healthy. If you are looking for a decent alternative to grease meat pizza, this is the way to go. The Tuscan was amazing. Both pizzas needed salt, but you could tell the ingredients were fresh and it was a pleasurable experience. Even the delivery guy was nice. The Apple was good as well, but the crust was too thin for the size of the toppings. Ever gotten a meat lovers pizza on thin crust and the second you pick it up off the pan, everything slides off the crust back onto the pan? That’s what happens here. You pick it up, and most of the large apples and such slide right off the thin crust. I grabbed a fork and didn’t have any further issues. The only thing missing from it was a scoop of vanilla ice cream, so I promptly went to Harris Teeter and resolved that issue. Crust gets a bit tough the next day, but what pizza doesn’t?
Bob, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Ray's the Steaks
Dislikes: Anita's
Reviewed: 10/10/07