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275 Sunset Park Dr
Remarks: Closed Sunday
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

Traditionally, Ethiopian food is served with a bread called injera which is a moist spongy flat bread, which you tear off in small pieces to be used used in place of a fork to pick up your food. At Warka the main entrees come with vegetable side dishes on a large platter such as salad, spinach, split peas, or a curried cabbage, potato & carrot mixture. The main entree is served in a bowl and spooned onto the platter, which is shared with others at the table. Ethiopian food is similar to Indian food, but not as spicy. At Warka there are several vegetarian entrees as well as chicken, beef and lamb. Lunch prices range from $6-$12 and dinner is about a dollar more. The service is warm and friendly and they are happy to answer any questions you might have about the unusual menu.
Reviewed 08/05

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User Reviews

We visited this delightful restaurant on a Monday and there was light attendance. As your review stated, the service was very good and they wanted to make sure we had a good experience on our first visit and encounter with the Ethiopian cuisine. We selected the first apetizer on the menu, a vegetarian combination apetizer platter with: cooked chick peas, mashed garbanzo beans with curry, some sort of green leaf vegetable and curried cabbage. As a main meal we chose a beef dish which were run by a skillet with onions, tomatos and spices. The dishes were not spicy, but had a distinct taste to them. Very enjoyable meal and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in something different. I would include a note of caution - table utensils are available upon request. We noticed one patron who had never been to an Ethiopian restaurant struggling with the bread and the staff hurried over a fork :)
John S, Herndon, VA
Likes: Fogo de Chao (DC)
Dislikes: McDonalds
Date Reviewed: 04/03/06

In town on a business trip, I was very excited to find an Ethiopian restaurant here. Sadly, I was very disappointed with the food. I ordered the Warka combo, which came with a very tiny amount of salad, cabbage and maybe a tablespoon of lentils. The Doro Wat (chicken drumsticks in a spicy paprika sauce) was very oily and rather bland. The injera bread was average. I've eaten amazing Ethiopian food before and was quite disappointed with this place. If you've never had Ethiopian food before I wouldn't judge it based on Warka, unfortunately. I will say the service was excellent and the waitress was very friendly and attentive, I just didn't think the cuisine was the best.
Karla, Dallas, TX
Likes: Fogo de Chao
Dislikes: McDonald's
Reviewed: 08/08/06

I loved it with the embecable taste and diffrent style and it was very unusual to find eating is fun my favorite dish was the kitfo it was so delicious and it was also very well cooked and the best beer in have ever tasted i think it was calld meda i love it and i plan on coming back very soon!
Janice Petermon, Herndon
Likes: Warka
Dislikes: Carbases
Reviewed: 12/28/06

The best food I have ever tasted way better than dukem or any other Ethiopian restaurant they also cater to parties I would never ever want to go to any other ethiopian restaunt then Warka ethiopian restaurant.
christena butons, herndon
Age: under18
Reviewed: 07/07