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Uptown Brick Oven Pizza
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470 Elden St
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Alcohol: No
Delivery: Yes ($25 minimum)

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User Reviews

I ordered slices of Chees Pizza and was not dissapointed, it was as close to
NY as I have ever had in Virginia. It was soooo good...
Walter, Woodbridge, VA
Also Likes: The Deli
Reviewed: May 9 2011

Best pizza & pasta i ever had, ingrediants were fresh, as always, one can only think of a real authentic home made italian pizza when eating at uptown.
A great variety of pastas, most of which i have tried, and really loved.
this is my all time favorate place, me and my family would come here whenever we have a chance, and everytime we do its an even greater experiance. Simply magneficient, and can only be compared to food i used to have back home in Italy... Thank you uptown for bringing back great memories.
Alfonso, reston
Age: 18-28
Likes: uptown
Dislikes: lucianos
Reviewed: 8/31/09

It was my Favorite place and i dont know what happen with uptown...?????? the service and the Foods were very bad me and my wiFe got shock the silverware, cups and tables were so dirty and the Food was miserable it was liked a sunami past For uptown and the cashier did not understand our complaint because a language problem , aFter all this we decided not to came back to uptown anymore.
carol bouquet, Reston
Likes: Lucianos
Reviewed: july 2009

Reading all the positive reviews I wonder if I went to another place than Uptown Pizza??? The person taking our order did nothing more than grunt so I wasn't sure if he got our order or not. The sandwich I got was mediocre at best and my son did not finish his stromboli and didn't care to take the rest home (and he'll eat anything!). My wife had the veal picatta and said it was good but it looked awfully heavy on the pasta and light on chicken. I ate two bites of my sandwich and then went to Charcoal Kebob in the same strip mall and got a lamb kebob to go. Maybe I'll give this place another chance, but pizza toppings like chicken, broccoli, and feta are just not my idea of pizza. Mediterranean Breeze has great pizza so I think I'll stick with there or Lucianos.
Mark, Herndon
Likes: Lucianos
Dislikes: Masala Wok
Reviewed: 10 March 2009

We enjoyed this restaurant , the food was delicious we love the crispy pizza and the pasta and the cannoli..........this place is special in that mall,me and my husband will came back to try more dishes from the menu, we really loved Uptown the atmosfere is very nice the service is good and we want to thanks the chef for the excellent skills in the culinary arts and for being so charming....

Cindy Hobson, Herndon
Likes: French Bistro
Dislikes: Chipotle
Reviewed: August 2008

My wife and I go here often. They have great pizza. It's always got a crispy crust, just the right amount of everything, and the sauce is great. Everything tastes fresh and the rest of the food isn't bad either. I've never tried the pasta, the pizza keeps us coming back.
Travis, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Uptown Pizza
Dislikes: Mcdonald's
Reviewed: 04/08

I've been to Uptown Brick Oven Pizza quite frequently. The service is excellent and the pizza is awesome! My fav is probably the Margarita Pizza. It's simple but I love the sauce and really hits the spot after a long day of work (along with a beer of course). I highly recommend coming here to eat. They have something here for everyone.
Ryan, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Reviewed: 04/08

In this area, I've tried about 2 dozen different pizza places, most were 'okay' at best - some really sucked. If they put enough sauce on it, it was tasteless, otherwise, it was like eating cheese bread because you only see a very thin line of sauce. This restaurant is one of the best mid-level ones in the area. All the ingredients are fresh. I am a bit of a pizza connoisseur and I have to say the ones here are some of the best I've ever had. The sauce used is made in-house, slightly chunky, and of a fantastic flavor, but not overpowering. The crust is light and more crispy than most. Some might like a little bit more cheese, but for me it was just right. I have eaten here several times and every time it is fantastic. I usually have the pepperoni/sausage pizza. Also, if you get the pizza by the slice, I think they could use a little bit more sauce/cheese on those, as they can be just a bit dry. This restaurant is spotless, even the bathrooms - you could almost eat off the floor. The service is exceptional, the staff are friendly, although it sometimes has taken a few more minutes than expected for the pizza - brick oven I guess - it was always worth the wait. Give this place a try - you won't be dissapointed.
Jim, Ocklawaha
Likes: McCormick & Shmicks
Dislikes: Mr. Pepperoni
Reviewed: 01/20/2008

Best pizza in town ! orinigal place, good service and great music, but i got scared from the person that took my order i think he was very rude when i asked who was him ? the answer was the owner.......sorry but i will be back with my security next time....
Jackie, Herndon
Dislikes: Mr pepperoni
Likes: Luciano
Reviewed: 12/07

Outstanding Place!!! Love the atmosphere. Have been going to this place for past two months. Best pizza in the area and stands side by side to any Restaurants where I grew up in Ny. Worth your time and wallet going to this place. You definitely get more than what you pay for. Also try the Panini ymmmmmm
mike rossiano, Reston
Likes: Tom Sarris Orleans House
Dislikes: Mamma Lucia
Reviewed: 10/18/2007

I'm a native Italian and this pizza is as close as original homemade Italian pizza could be. You can taste the fresh ingredients. Whats also great is their pizza is made in a brick oven. We had the fresh basal mushroom and artichoke, and white pizza with brocolli and fresh tomato, they where amazing. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, very clean, and has a great invironment. The prices are also very reasonable for the quality of the ingredients. Uptown Brick Oven Pizza will be on my speed dial!
Abele A., Reston
Age: 18-28
Likes: Mr Pepperoni
Dislikes: Mamma Lucia
Reviewed: August 12, 2007

The fresh taste is really in the pizza. All ingredients have a fresh Not frozen taste. Brick Oven, you can't beat that. My family and I have been waiting for a smart pizza owner to open a brick oven pizza shop in our area. We had the white pizza with brocolli and fresh tomato. Excellent place to take the family. they where amazed. I will tell all my friends, co-workers, and family about the great food at Uptown.
Coach J.R., Sterling
Age: 18-28
Likes: Tonys
Dislikes: Taste of Italy
Reviewed: 8/22/07

Great pizza!! Crispy and light dough, Fresh ingredients I could cam still smell the basil and olive oil finishing touch. The hot pizza comes out of a brick oven, giving the dough a fluffy light texture inside, yet crunchy crispy outsise. Yummmm ! I could eat a whole large one by myself right now.....:) I strongly recommend Uptown for all pizza fans. because this is what pizza was meant to be and taste like. Besides, its the perfect atmosphere to experience Italian with your family and kids. Soft lighting and slow Italian music classics. Heaven is served by the Slice
Chakib Lounes, McLean
Age: 18-28
Likes: Ruth Chris
Dislikes: Mc Deez
Reviewed: 09-13-2007

The service was friendly. The decor was nice. We tried the signature brick oven pizza and were very impressed. The pizza was delicious! We will definitely place this restaurant in our usual rotation of eateries we frequent.
Jim, Herndon
Likes: Red Robin
Dislikes: Mr. Pepperoni
Reviewed: 9/15/07

Best pizza in Herndon! The crust is crispy. The salads are great also. This place would fit in New York. We ate in and the restaurant is clean with nice decor. We recommend Uptown!
Murrays, Herndon
Likes: Big Bowl
Dislikes: McDonalds
Reviewed: 10/6/07

one of a kind, So different, So original, So good and Soooooooo clean. I am n love with Uptown Brick Oven Pizza.....
steve.b, herndon
Age: 29+
Likes: mr pepperoni
Dislikes: mama lucia
Reviews: 10/23/2007

GREAT PIZZA!! crispy and fresh ingredients , it was delicious !!!! yum......yum.......we tried the white pizza with brocoli and fresh tomato, we really enjoy it !.........very nice place ,good atmosphere super super clean and great italian music!!!!!I will recommend Uptown pizza to my co-workers & friends . thanks for the great dinner and customer service from the chef Simone it was all perfect ........see you very soon.
Elizabeth, Mclean
Age: 18-28
Likes: Coastal flats, Lebanese taverna ........
Dislikes: Mcdonald, mr.pepperoni,
Reviewed: september 2007