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13029 Worldgate Dr
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes, limited hours

TurCuisine opened in April 2005. The menu features a variety of Turkish appetizers, kabobs and pizzas as well as various salads, wraps and desserts. The decor is very modern and the service is friendly. A kabob is about $12 and is served with salad, pita bread, rice and sometimes french fries. A Turkish pizza is called "pide". It's a white pizza (no tomato sauce) and served with kashar cheese, which is a strong sheep cheese.
Reviewed 04/05

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User Reviews:

Brought travelling colleagues for dinner. The Babaganush was wonderful,
followed by the Beef Shish, also fantastic. The service was first class. Highly
Steve Mazur, McLean
Likes : Tachibana in McLean, VA
Dislikes: Four Sisters in Seven Corners, VA
Reviewed: July 14, 2010

I had an iced tea, stuffed grape leaves and lamb and beef kabob (really gyro meat) over pita with yogurt sauce and a small salad. Price before tip $20.75 Great portions, good food, you need to like gyro or lamb. Nice non- smoking restaurant with good service. Prices are all in even dollars, ie entree's almost all $12 etc. I would go again.
Kathleen, Herndon, VA
Likes: Virginia Kitchen
Dislikes: Outback
Reviewed 7/14/2005

TurCuisine is an excellent choice for an authentic Turkish meal or just great appetizers. Everything was fresh and delicious. Try the sampler platters (entree or appetizer) if it's your first time... there are so many choices, it is hard to make up one's mind! The decor is modern and minimalist, although the tables are slightly crowded so you may hear other patrons conversations. The portion sizes are good and prices are not cheap, but very reasonable considering the quality of food. Overall, an excellent choice. Different and refreshing.
Chris, Sterling, VA
Likes: Pacific
Dislikes: KFC
Reviewed 8/26/2005

A delightful young couple from Cyprus creating wonderful dishes delivered with excellent and very friendly service at a reasonable price. I had the lamb chops with yogurt sauce and it was as good as I've had anywhere. The pita bread is moist and fresh, not hard and dry as I've experienced in many other places. The baklava was simply the best I've ever had. I will go back the next time I'm in Herndon, VA.
Joe Janowski, Sierra Vista, AZ
Likes: Thea Mediterranean
Dislikes: McDonalds
March 14, 2006

I got the chicken kabob. Ingredients are fresh, decor is pleasing to the eye. Portions are great, I eat alot but I can never finish the food here. Would definitely come again.
Dane, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: PF Changs
Dislikes: Burger King
Reviewed: 2006

Authentic food, great ambiance, and excellent service! My husband and I find ourselves at TurCuisine at least once every two weeks, if not once a week. Their "sampler" plate is perfect for anyone who wants to try something a little different - and their fresh hummus and pita bread is a must. Their kabobs and gyro's are wonderful and for anyone who isn't wild about lamb wants something on the "lighter" side their chicken salad is, by far, the best I've ever had.
Jen P., Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: TurCuisine, Lucia's
Dislikes: American Cafe
Reviewed: (05/07) At least every two weeks