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Tipicos Gloria
482 Elden Street
(Kmart Shopping Center)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

Tipicos Gloria is a very small restaurant with just a few tables. You order at the cash register from a picture menu on the wall. The service and the menu are almost completely in Spanish. Fortunately all the menu items have numbers so you can simply order by the menu item number and you will be understood. They do not apologize for the language barrier, in fact they seem resentful if you do not order in Spanish. The service is not particularly friendly. Despite this, Tipicos Gloria is worth a try. The food is awesome!

The tacos are overflowing with fajita meat and topped with a wedge of avocado---no lettuce tomato or cheese. The meat is sauteed with onions and spices and bursting with flavor. It comes with some creamy green salsa that has a fabulous medium-hot kick to it. The taco shell is a very thin, soft white corn tortilla with an authentic flavor and not too greasy.

Other menu items include chicken and steak subs, carne asada, burritos, chimichangas, Salvadorian soups and much more. Most entrees come with rice and beans, and some come with fried yuca or plantanes. Meals are $6 - $13. They also serve a selection of Central American style beverages, but no alcohol.

If the restaurant is full, and it often is, order it "to go" (they might not understand "take out" or "carry out".)
Reviewed 08/05

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User Reviews

This is a wonderful restaurant. The food is wonderful, tasteful and there is a variety to chooose from.
Patricia Navarrete, Fairfax
Age: 18-28
Reviewed: 1/10/08