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The Deli
480 Elden Street
(Kmart Shopping Center)
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The Deli is simply the best sandwich in the area. Better than Subway in so many ways! Better quality meat, bread, service and value. It’s about $6 for an 8 inch sandwich which has more than double the meat of a Subway sandwich. On your first visit, order their signature sandwich, “The Deli” which is an Italian sub, and order it with “everything.” They have dozens of different sandwiches, hot and cold. The Deli is carryout only, set up like a little store with many Italian gourmet items for sale such as oils, cheeses, condiments and more. Credit cards accepted.
Reviewed 04/05

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User Reviews

If you grew up in Herndon and Reston in the 80's, you know of The Deli. It needs no other name. You walk in and smell the olive oil and vinegar waiting to be drowning in your sub. This place has been around forever. Even today, after moving away from the VA area 6 years ago, I drool for these subs. And you can't find better marinated mushrooms than here. Way to go guys! I miss you!
Wendy (Evans) Flint, Ellabell, GA
Likes: Cantina D'Italia
Dislikes: Denny's
Reviewed: Every week '83 - '00

I grew up in Suburban New Jersey, in and around towns full of Italian-American delis, bakeries, restaurants, you name it. This is hands down the BEST Italian Cold Cut joint I've ever had outside of New Jersey. I usually grab a sandwich from here at least once a week... eat 1/2 of an 8" for lunch, kill the rest for dinner. The Hot Sicilian and the Mafioso are my favorites, but the meatballs are great on a day I want a hot sandwich. Go. Enjoy. You will be shocked and go back again and again :)
Rob, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: any good Italian mom & pop type place
Dislikes: any bad Italian chain restaurant :)
Reviewed: Weekly