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Thai Luang
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171 Elden Street
Remarks: Across the street from Elden Plaza
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

Thai Luang is a very popular restaurant owned by a Thai chef. The staff is very professional and efficient. Appropriate for a date or a business dinner, this restaurant has a traditional décor, with draperies, subdued lighting, decorative tablecloths and centerpieces. The menu is extensive, boasting authentic, elegant dishes from all four regions of Thailand, including a variety of curry dishes, clay pot entrees, many pad thai and noodle dishes and much more (see official web site for menu.) Spicy dishes can be ordered in any of four levels of spiciness. There are several Thai sauces you can order by the bottle including peanut sauce, dumpling sauce, tiger sauce and others. There are a variety of interesting appetizers, unusual desserts, and a full bar as well. Lunch prices range from around $8-$12, but many entrees are only available at dinner. Dinner entrees range from around $10 to $22.
Reviewed 10/05

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User Review:

Thai Luang has an excellent variety of authentic Thai cuisine ranging from the delicious Thai curries, to Pad Thai and filets. They have several special dinner entrees, including intriguing seafood dishes and clay pot items. My favorites are the Panang curry with chicken and the Crispy duck dish. Thai Luang is much better than any other Thai restaurants in this area, has a wonderful atmosphere, and a lovely staff. I give this restaurant 5 stars!
Nina, Reston, VA
Age: 18-28
Likes: Melting Pot
Dislikes: Charcoal Kabob

We love this restaurant! It serves authentic Thai food with as much "heat" as the diner desires. The service is good, portions and variety are better than expected. The crispy duck is a popular favorite. Good to have it nearby and to see it well patronized. They deserve the attention that they get!
Don, Oak Hill
Likes: El Manitial, Reston
Reviewed: 10/2006