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Spice Town
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150 Elden Street
(Elden Plaza)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes

This is a small, eat-in, cafeteria style restaurant that serves a little bit of everything including pizza, sandwiches, burgers, burritos, hot wings and much more. (See official web site for details.) Service is fast, efficient and friendly. $7-9 will buy you a hearty lunch or dinner. Delivery available.
Reviewed 04/05

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User Reviews

I usually just get delivery, and the pizza is pretty good. A nice break from Dominoes/Papa Johns etc. But the real draw for me are the Buffalo Wings. Man, they are really some of the best I've ever had. My family orders wings from Spice Town every chance we get. We like "hot" with their home-made ranch sauce. I'm drooling right now. Their subs are ok, but I can't vouch for anything else. I'm sure it's all pretty good. But seriously, get some wings. :)
Chris, Reston, Age: 18-28
Likes: Macaroni Grill
Dislikes: Morton's
Reviewed: 9/11/06

Spice Town is one of the best restaurants in the area! The salads are the best, and the pizza is so authentic. I always order the gyro salad and my kids love the cheeseburger pizza. You can’t go wrong with the pizza, and you won’t find better wings in the area. I’ve had the chicken before and wasn’t impressed and the Mexican dishes are okay. As you can see, I’m a regular. :)
Danuail, Reston
Likes: Thai Luang
Dislikes: Fridays
Reviewed: March 17, 2008