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Sorrento Grill
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2443 Centreville Road
(Clocktower Center)
Remarks: Mediterranean
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes, Take-out Taxi: 703-578-3663

The employees at Sorrento seem to really care that you enjoy your meal at their restaurant. The owner is Iranian and the cuisine is Persian, Moroccan, Greek, Italian, and French. Order at the counter and wait for them to call your order. Start with the red pepper hummus or baba ganoush. Then choose a kabob platter or gourmet Mediterranean wrap. Kabobs are all served with rice or bread. The salmon wrap is delicious. They serve wine and beer, unlike most of the kabob restaurants in Herndon. Prices are very reasonable.
Reviewed 04/05

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User Reviews

I've been a customer of Sorrento Grill for over 9 years. I come from a
small Midwest town, and the staff at Sorrento make me feel like I'm at home. They are extremely friendly and service-oriented. They usually know exactly what I want to order when I step foot in the restaurant. I highly recommend the Mediterranean Salad with kubideh or chicken for those of you who are looking for lighter options. Another favorite of mine is the Tuesday special - lamb stew. Of course, the Friday special - lamb shank - ranks high on my list as well. Sorrento gives me healthy food options at a reasonable price.A special thank you to Jay, Morty, and Yamileth for making me feel like part of your family!
Lorena Sernett, Herndon
Reviewed: 8/28/12

The Sorrento Grill has recently added a Tapas Lounge with an entrance directly behind the current dining room. Now we've got two great choices for places to eat in the Clock Tower Shopping Center. We've tried tapas before but tapas with a Mediterranean flavor is definitely a nice treat. The Dolmehs (stuffed grape leaves) are great. The Salad Oliveh (chicken salad with potatoes) is unique and tasty. The Lamb Bites Bruchetta with Feta are a personal favorite. Most of the meat dishes we've tried feature a lovely smokey flavor. They also offer great smoothies and a nice selection of desserts including one of the best Chocolate Mousses we've tried. The service is cheery and efficient though instead of ordering at the counter as you do in the Sorrento Grill, you get waited on in the Tapas Lounge. The gurgling fountain and unique furnishings help complete a lovely dining experience.
Rod Bartlett, Reston
Likes: Blue Iguana
Dislikes: McDonalds
Reviewed: 09-19-2009

It’s about the bread, and the fire and the food. These guys produce recipes from Persia that you KNOW they got from their grandparents. And it’s not just the bread, it’s the great kebab too. ..and the daily specials are consistently succulent, featuring rich braises with classic seasonings. Try the lamb stew with peas and eggplant, or the chicken with barberries and fragrant basmati rice. The salads are a full meal; always crisp mixed greens and freshly made dressings – great with the kebab. The Mediterranean Salad with Salmon Kebab is perfect with cucumber-yogurt dip and chewy bread. The clay oven bread is what flatbread is all about; with toasted bubbles, perfect to soak up braises, or the ferfectly seasoned grilled meats and vegetables. …and they serve wine. I have yet to be disappointed once. This place is one of those finds – it’s about the food, and the people who know how to make it.
Casey Gundlach, Dallas, TX
Likes : Bagel Cafe, Euro Bistro
Dislikes: Potbelly
Reviewed: 7/22

The Kubideh here is without equal and the presentation is perfect. The place follows the kebob house tradition in serving exceptional cuisine in unexceptional settings, showing a healthy lack of pretension - always welcome in this town.
Steve, Dulles VA
Reviewed: 7/16/09

My wife and I have eaten here a number of times. We have never been disappointed. We really enjoy the chicken, lamb and beef kabobs. My wife really enjoys the hummus. The staff is friendly and attentive. The place is always clean. It is a real gem not only for Herndon but for Northern Virginia and the Washington area.
Ed O'Connor, Herndon
Likes: Mediterrean Breeze
Dislikes: Mc Donald's
Reviewed: 7/13/09

The perfect combination of healthy food and great taste! Normally the two of those do not go together. At Sorrento they do! Two owners, Morti and Jay, greet you with a smile and care to know you. The Mediterranian cusine is wonderful. The best prices in town.
Donald George, Lansdowne
Reviewed: 7-13-09

I have to join the other reviewers here. This place is by far the best kabob place anywhere in the area. There have been lots of kabob places that have sprung up over the last few years in the Herndon/Reston area but this place is a BIG cut above.What makes it so wonderful? The huge selection of kabobs, the attention to detail along with the wonderful spices they use not to mention it's always kept so clean and the staff is so very friendly. Yes, once you've tried Sorrento Grill you won't be disappointed. You do order at a counter and they do call your number so it's not a table-cloth type restaurant but it is still wonderful. Plus, I love the freshness of everything they make so you feel like you're eating very healthfully. I hope Sorrento Grill never goes out of business as they're a true gem in this area.
Mellie, Herndon, VA
Likes: Clydes, M&S, Tortilla Factory,
Dislikes: Anthing fast-food
Reviewed: May 2008

I eat in restaurants around the world. There is no better restaurant than the Sorrento Grill when it comes to what matters: healthy, quality food exquisitely prepared, outstanding service, excellent value, and friendly people who will make this your favorite neighborhood restaurant. My wife and I eat here several times a week. Mediterranean and Persian cuisine focuses on salmon, lamb, beef, chicken, and vegetarian dishes, and especially salads and kabobs. Delectable rice, grilled vegetables, and barbari bread complement most menu choices. The lamb is the best I’ve ever eaten, and that includes lamb in a number of restaurants in the Middle East and South America. Celiacs will find it easy to order gluten-free dishes. Finally, the restrooms at Sorrento Grill are spacious, well stocked, and spotlessly clean.
Joe Briskey, Centreville
Likes: Coastal Flats
Dislikes: Cheese Factory
Reviewed: February 15, 2008

Simply the Best! A meal made for the most discerning food critic. A great value, you will not leave hungry, healthy never tasted this good. This is my favorite spot on my way out of town or back from Dulles; airplane food doesn't even come close. Love pretty much everything on the menu, sometimes I just ask the owners to surprise me and they sure do. I never have any complaints about the food or service. If I did I know it would be heard and addressed, but a good establishment takes care of these details before hand so no need to complain here. I've been to many fine spots all over the world, but these guys have their corner of the world right here in Herndon serving up tasty Mediterranean dishes. So try this hidden gem for a change and you will not be disappointed. My compliments go the guys at Sorrento Grill.
D B, Woodbridge, VA
Likes: Mike's American Grill
Dislikes: Red Lobster, Benigan's, anywhere with poor food quality
Reviewed: Jan 3, 2008

The Sorrento Grill is without a doubt our favorite restaurant. We've been eating there about once a week for most of the time it's been open. The owners go out of their way to make sure your dining experience is enjoyable. The food is always fresh and delicious. The dishes with kubideh are our favorites. There's something almost addictive about the subtle spices used in this tasty ground beef kabob. Another favorite is the aush soup (a delightful concoction of beans and noodles). The appetizers are delightful. The dolmehs (stuffed grape leaves) and the red pepper hummus are not to be missed. If you still have room after the generous portions, you might want to try the baklava which features a hint of rosewater among the delicate flaky layers of filo dough. It's a great finish to a delightful meal.
Rod Bartlett, Reston
Likes: Russia House, Blue Iguana, Carrabba's
Dislikes: Foster's Grill
Reviewed: 01-17-2008

A mix of Persian and Mediterranean taste makes the dishes on this restaurant unique and unforgettable. the nice treatment of the staff, cleanness of the environment adds to our appetite. in the spring and summer the outside sitting area would make the gusts fee like they are eating in a high level Europe city. I and my family love Sorrento Grill for all different aspect of it.
Reza Moshasha, Germantown, MD
Reviewed: 1/15/2008

Good food, very clean, good people. I will go again and again and again. THANKS
A. Parsa Sorbi, Fairfax
Likes: Kabob Bazar
Dislikes: Indian restaurant
Reviewed: Jan 21, 08

Simply the best. Consistency combined with only the best quality and fresh ingredients and extremely friendly atmosphere makes this one of my favorite places to eat. It’s exactly like back home. Prices are extremely low for the amount of food they serve. With each meal you get plenty of bread and special Persian yogurts. I love it!!!
Afshin, Middleburg, Va
Likes: The Rails Stop, Plains, Va.
Dislikes: Red Fox Inn, Middleburg, Va.
Reviewed: 01-23-08

The Sorrento Grill is one of Herndon's best kept secrets. We love the food, it is fresh, delicious and healthy. My favorite is the red pepper hummus, chicken and kubideh kabob with fresh pita bread. I also love the basmati rice they serve with all their kabobs, it is the best. The service is great and the staff are very friendly. We went back two days in a row and the second time I brought my Dad, he loved it too!
Betty Morgan, Herndon
Dislikes: McDonalds
Reviewed: 6/10/07

Sorrento Grill is a lovely place to dine in or take food to go. The quality of the food is excellent and consistent. Everything I have tried on the menu is fabulous. Also, the atmosphere is nice and staff is always friendly. Some of my favorite items are the hummus, the chicken and lamb kabob combo as well as the lamb shank, which is the Friday special.
Suzanne Brown, Reston
Also Likes: Maggianos, PF Changs, Sweetwater
Reviewed: 6/18/07

Spectacular tasty food, attentive and prompt service, a great value for the price - nice atmosphere, just love to eat there whenever I am in the Washington, DC metro area. Everything is great, from the kebabs, rice, salads, beverages (I've never made it to dessert!!). The friendly owner is a true culinary professional who makes each and every guest feel welcome and appreciated. I can't say enough good things about this wonderful restaurant.
Martha Jennings, Marquette, MI
Likes: Border Grill Express, Outback Steakhouse
Dislikes: Red Lobster, Applebees, most restaurant chains
Reviewed: Feb 2008