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I went to SaladWorks today for the first time. The decor was nice and appealing. The salad looked good, with a lot of variety. I had a special for $6.99 called Jim's salad, with tax it was $7.44 to be exact. I felt the croutons made the salt very high for some reason. Got a wheat roll which was ok. The quantity was not enough as there was just cucumbers, chicken lettuce, cheese and croutons. I don't want them to fill my bowl up with croutons. The salad dressing was nice and seemed different than the regular ones at Giant of the cafe at my work. The chicked tasted good as well. The price is definitely an issue. I saw a few folks getting the salad of the choice and a drink and paid $12 bucks approx.For the price this is not something one can have every day at lunch and shed $12.If one can pay that much every day its good. The cafe in our building also has a salad bar and is by weight, so you have a choice of how much you want. I feel that is much reasonable.
Shabnam Zaidi, Reston
Likes: Silver Diner, Sweet Water Tavern, Thai Luang,
Dislikes: Rio Grande
Reviewed: 21st August 2009

It's a nice concept....just overpriced.We have eaten from there twice. First time was carryout and 2nd time was Drive-thru. Both times we ate there because they had a "grand opening special" with $5.00 discount coupons. In a nutshell we think that they are definitely overpriced. The salads are presented in nice sturdy plastic containers for carryout & Drivethru and we saw the presentation for those eating in...it was nice as well. Portions are the right size for lunch, however the prices are not inline with what you get. Also: The amount of chicken on the salads is miniscule - just a couple of small pieces/barely a small tong or spoonful. I ordered the chicken ceasear both times.My significant other ordered the Fire Roasted Cabo Jack and then the Buffalo Blue. With our first trip the restaurant we received the salads in a fairly quick amount of time and the included our choice of white or wheat roll. (Each salad comes with a free roll.) We also received butter and salt/pepper in the bag. On our 2nd trip through the Drive thru, there was not salt/pepper nor butter in the bag. Also we both noticed that our Drive thru salads seemed smaller than when we got them as carryout. We didn't order any drinks either time as we felt that 1.99 for any of their drinks was a little steep.All told, when you are dropping $8.99 on chicken ceasar salad and $1.99 on a drink...an $11.00 lunch is more than myself and many of my co-workers want to spend. Based upon the salads, they are more like a $5-$6 salad and I think if they want to stay in business in our town, then they need to reduce prices and add a promotion with a "salad of the day" or "week" that is reduced in price to that level. Now onto the TASTE - they tasted fine. The ceasar was like any normal ceasar. The buffalo and the cabo were fine...nothing to write rave reviews over, but fine. One minor complaint is that they didn't have any kind of SPICY salad dressing, but they did have a LOT of dressings. It seemed a little odd. Will we go back? The answer is a NO...at least not at these prices. If they run specials/sales/promo's...then yes, we would go back. The way we see it, when you can go 1 more block down the road and get a salad YOU make at the Giant Salad bar for MUCH less, why wouldn't you?
JAMS, Herndon
Likes: Sweet Water Tavern, Olive Garden, 5 Guys and tons more
Reviewed: March 5th & 6th 2009