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Saigon Pho Style
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281 Sunset Park Dr
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Smoking: No
Yes (beer and wine)
Delivery: No
Credit Cards : Yes

Saigon Pho features many types of Vietnamese noodle soup (pho) as well as other traditional Vietnamese cuisine such as rice dishes, vermicelli entrees and vegetarian dishes. The small dining room is casual, yet clean and tasteful. The staff is friendly and efficient. A selection of Vietnamese beverages and blended fruit drinks are also available. The prices are very reasonable; a large bowl of soup is $6-$7. Most entrees are under $10, and portions are generous. Reviewed 05/06

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I am a very picky eater, and to my detriment most times, I am reluctant to try new foods and new restaurants. A few months ago, I was introduced to Saigon Pho and I can't get enough! It's a good thing that I don't live geographically close to this place or else I'd be in big trouble. The food I've tried is absolutely delicious! I've had the same dishes at other Vietnamese restaurants, and it's no comparison...
KD, Alexandria
Reviewed: December 2009

I think that this restaurant is very good. There waitress is very nice and there food taste good that you will never forgot.
Son Huynh, Reston
Age: under18
Likes : Saigon Pho Style
Dislikes: Chopsticks
restaurantreviewed: Saigon Pho Style
Reviewed: 5-21-2009

As a regular I can't stop bringing more people to the best pho in NOVA.The spring rolls are unique and very fresh, I prefer the summer roll as its not fried and this is the only place I know that you can tell its rolled fresh. Michael, the owners son I believe is very friendly and always quick with everything.I have tried to many things to list at this restaurant and each time I am impressed with everything. It won't be long before this place needs a bigger dining area for everyone to enjoy. Keep up the good work guys, you are hands down best pho in the area.
Will Lipford, Reston
Likes: IceHouse
Dislikes: Chilis
Reviewed: 2/12/2008

I have been to many other Vietnamese/Pho restaurants before and believe that Saigon Pho Style is one of the best that i have been to. The interior is quaint and very clean. The prices are very reasonable and has a lot of menu selections compared to other Vietnamese restaurants. The distinct style of the spring roll alone will keep coming back. I highly recommned this place, especially for a quick lunch.
Ruben, Arlington
Age: 18-28
Also likes: Charlie Changs
Reviewed: 10-16-2006

This has to be the best Vietnamese restaurant in the area. Unlike other restaurants that claim to be authentic, this one truly is. Every dish I've tried has been great. I like that they take customers request in put them into their menu. The owner is very kind and always wants to make your experience great. I am becoming a regular and everyone else should as well. Best Vietnamese restuarant in the area!
Victor Nguyen, Fairfax
Age: 18-28
Dislikes: Center Cafe
Reviewed: 11/4/06

This was my fourth visit to the restaurant. Clearly, I've been a satisfied customer! However, this time the menu had practically doubled. Thus, you have a vast range of dishes including unique sauces I've never had before. My dish that night was grilled chicken in a tamarind sauce. I suspected the chicken was thighs, but the cuts didn't have any fat, typical of thighs. "Oh yes, we carve off all the fat," came the answer. "In Vietnam this would never happen, but we understand Americans' concerns for heart disease." The greens are wonderful and are used in making wraps or adding to steaming hot bowls of soup. Great for dinner or lunch...and the price is right!
Tom Smith, Baltimore
Likes: locally owned ethnic restaurants
Dislikes: chains like Appleby's, TGIF, etc.
Reviewed: March 10, 2007

Visited Herndon/Reston for the first time for a class at the Learning Tree Training Center and I've got to say that the food here is awesome! AUTHENTIC, FRESH, and PLENTIFUL! It is absolutely gourmet with a fast food price. Michael, the chef's son, delivered my food to the Center everyday and even the delivery had garnishes. The Lemongrass Chicken was arromatic and delicious. The BBQ Pork and Spring Rolls had perfectly chargrilled pork with springs rolls that had an original and extremely creative touch, not to mention very good. The Beef Pho was not greasy like other places and didn't need extra seasoning (just a touch of siracha for a little heat and it was good to go). It's hard to find a Vietnamese restaurant like this that serves every customer to the finest of details (even with delivery)! I only wish I could have sampled some of the other items on the menu at the restaurant but that'll give me something to look forward to during the next training! Thanks Michael!
Dalavone Phothisen, Dallas, TX
Age: 18-28
Likes: Jeroboam's in Dallas
Dislikes: Red Lobster
Reviewed: 3/26-3/30 2007

This is my favorite mom and pop resturant. Try their spring rolls, its delicious and very different from other places. I like it better than other Pho places in the area because they are cleaner and staff is extremely friendly.
Their food is gourmet eating at cheap prices. They not only have pho but other hard to find yummy eats! Try their spicy beef noodle soup or their steamed crepe with pork filling if your adventurous! I love this gem of a find, I don't have to travel to Eden center in Falls Church anymore for good Vietnamese cuisine.
Karin, Reston
Age: 18-28
Also Likes: Mama Wok
Reviewed: 1/8/2007

Great new place! Very friendly and clean atmosphere. I had the eye of round steak pho soup w/ hot tea. Was very fresh and tasted excellent. I highly suggest all pho lovers to come and try. They suggested coming back for the spring rolls, I'll be back very soon! They are kinda hard to find, basically behind the new chop sticks place on spring street (sunset hills) right before herndon parkway. They just earned a new regular. Excellent new edition to Herndon.
Will Lipford, Reston
Likes: Ice House Cafe
Dislikes: Red Lobster
Reviewed: 10/11/2006