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Rubino's Pizzeria
Official Web Site
2415-B9 Centerville Road
(Clocktower Center)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes, Mon-Fri only

Rubino's opened in Herndon in 2005. It looks and feels like a chain restaurant, but the manager tells us it is in fact one of a kind. It's a casual, cafeteria style restaurant that serves New York style pizza, calzones, pasta, subs and more, much like Sbarro's. The service is equilvalent to that of a fast food restaurant in Herndon. (It has its good days and its bad.) An 18 inch cheese pizza is $12.95. Entrees range from $10-$12. Subs, calzones and gryos are $6-$8. Kids Menu items are $3-$4. Beer and wine are available. Reviewed 07/05

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User Reviews:

I got take out from Rubino's Pizzeria on a Friday at around 1300. I was very surprised that they were as packed as they were. I hate the fact that this place doesn’t deliver, but I thought I would try them out anyway. I got a slice of mac & cheese stuffed pizza, white pizza, and BBQ chicken pizza. I have to say, the mac & cheese really surprised me. I will be getting a piece every time it is available. The BBQ one was also good, but nothing too out of the ordinary. The white pizza was about average for around here. I didn’t notice the garlic knots until after I had paid, so I will be getting some of those on my next visit. Aside from no delivery, the only other thing I didn’t like was the tomato paste that came with the pizza. I am used to getting some pretty decent marinara sauce with my calzones, and by decent, I mean fresh and chunky with tomatoes, so I was surprised that they even threw some in with pizza. But after trying it, it was clear they should have left it out. It was more tomato puree or paste than actual marinara dipping sauce. Yuk. But other than that, everything was great.
Bob, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Ray's the Steaks
Dislikes: Anita's
Reviewed: 10/05/07

My wife and I visit this restaurant a couple times a month. We've tried the pizza (both NY style and Sicilian), the pasta and various sandwiches. We've never been disappointed. The service is efficient but we've never been made to feel overly welcome. It probably wouldn't hurt the managers (owner?) there during the day to smile or say "hello" every now and then. Sometimes my wife and I feel as though the staff thinks they are doing us a favor by serving us. None-the-less, the food is very good and we will continue to return.
Jim, Herndon
Likes: Red Robin
Dislikes: Mr. Pepperoni's
Reviewed: 09/07

My wife lived in Manhattan for 13 years and could not find good New York style pizza close to Reston until now. We had to go to Tony's in Centreville or Fair Lakes, but no more! It is consistently great pizza. The service is great and friendly. Keep up up the good work.
Luke, Reston
Likes: Giordano's Pizza
Dislikes: Olive Garden
Reviewed: 06/29/07

The pizza here is pretty good, reminds me of NY style pizza that I get from Long Island. It was previously mentioned that this is not part of a chain, but I've seen VERY similiar pizza joints in this area that have the same concept such as open seating, glass enclosures, fare, alcohol offerings, hispanic workers, etc. They include Mama Lucia's and Squisito's, both with stores in Maryland (Annapolis & Severn).
Charles, McLean
Likes: Tachibana
Dislikes: Ledo's,
Reviewed: 2/20/07

I am from NY and this is the ONLY legitimate slice of pizza I have had yet since moving down here nearly 2 years ago. Anyone who is a New Yorker and misses just being able to get a slice and coke will enjoy this pizza joint. If they open one a pizza walk in, in Reston town center, I will literally ONLY have to only go back to NYC for decent chinese food.
Joshua, Reston VA
Likes : Thai Luong
Dislikes: All chain restaurants in Northern Virginia

Food was decent but person who took our order was not paying attention and made several mistakes. We ordered garlic on our pizza and we received onion. We ordered calamari as an appetizer and she apparently did not hear us when we submitted the order. When we did not receive the order for calamari she said she never charged us for the order (which was true). When we asked her questions about the caprese salad, we had to ask twice because, as she acknowledged, she was not listening to us. Probably will not go back-too many other places to try out.
M Wolf, Oak Hill
Likes: The Espositos Family Restaurant - Fairfax
Dislikes: Tortilla Factory
Reviewed: 11/11/06

I'd have to agree with the comparisons to NY pizza. Being a native New Yorker, I'm a pizza snob. The slices are good, but I prefer the sicilian. It's definitely the most convenient place in Herndon for pizza by the slice. Luciano's makes a more authentic pie though (the Herndon location does not sell by the slice, but the one in Tyson's does); the blend of cheeses and the cheese to sauce ratio is spot on!
Tori, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Meditteranean Breeze
Dislikes: Damons
Reviewed: 11/15/06

Josh hit the nail on the head. I am also a native NY'ker transplant Virginian and this is as close as it gets to the real deal. If you're curious as to what a real pizza is like, look no further.
Chris G., Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Rubino's
Dislikes: Vocceli's, Pizza Hut, Ledo's

Closest thing to NY pizza in the Herndon Area. Huge slices, very fresh and not overly greasy.
Maria, Sterling, VA
Age: 18-28
Likes: Sweetwater Tavern
Dislikes: Applebees

The reviewer for this has obviously never been to NJ or NY and had pizza. The feel is authentic for a pizza joint up there and NOT a chain like Sbarros. The pizza is very good, especially for this area, but I prefer Tony's NY Pizza in Fair Oaks. What Rubino's does better than ANYONE in northern Virginia is make a real sub. As a native of Jersey, the lack of sub making ability in this area is astonishing. Rubino's uses Boar's Head brand meat, sliced thin, with shredded lettuce and thin sliced tomatoes...all pre-requisites in making a good sub. Add to that good bread and the right dressing and I'd put it up against anything back home. Try the "Knuckle Sandwich" and you'll know what I mean!
David Wright, Alexandria
Likes: Sweetwater Tavern
Dislikes: TGI Fridays
Reviewed: April 19, 2007

Best NY style pizza in area. Service is always good. Great atmosphere.
Ricardo, Herndon, VA
Age: 18-28

I had just ministered at a Church in Herndon, VA. I live in Maryland. I was not familiar with the area but I'm so happy I saw the sign and boy oh boy I was pleased to see that it look very clean. I ordered a slice of sicilian and 2 slices of cheeze pizza and knots that looked like cresent rolls. When I started on my journey for home I started in on the sicilian and I was so upset that I didn't get a WHOLE one to take home! I can't remember when I have enjoyed pizza that much it was simply delicious..thank Rubino's.
Phyllis Parker, Upper Marlboro, MD
Likes: Jerry Seafood in Seabrook MD and Maggiano's
Dislikes: Olive Garden
Reviewed: 21 October 2007