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Pho 75
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382 Elden Street
(Kmart Shopping Center)
703- 471-4145
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Credit Cards: No
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

"Pho" means Vietnamese noodle soup. There are several places in Herndon where you can get pho. Other pho restaurants serve more than soup, but Pho 75 serves only the soup. If you are going just for the soup, we think this is the best one in Herndon. There are many different types of pho on the menu, but most Americans get the #15, beef flank steak soup. A newer addition to the menu is chicken soup, but it's not like your regular American chicken soup. It's so much better! Great for a cold day.

It's very casual dining. A bowl of soup is about $6. Even if you order the "small" size, it's a full meal. However, they are stingy with drinks. They don't even refill your water, so make it last. Service is very quick and friendly.

Reviewed 04/05

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User Reviews:

Inconsistent! To be fair I've only ordered the vegetarian pho, but
still...The first time it was great, but the next time it was completely
different--watery with little flavor. It tasted mostly of onions with none of the
wonderful spices that I got the first time. I won't be back--too many other good
pho places.
David S., Burke
Likes : Sunflower
Dislikes: Morton's Steakhouse
Review: 07/28/2011

I am a regular customer at this Pho 75 restaurant in Herndon, VA. Most of people work there know me and always serve me well. The noodle is always hot and tasty, and I never have to wait more than 5 minutes unless I come around lunch time which is understandable. I would recommend anyone to try to come to Pho once, you will get a decent meal with less than 10 dollars. You won't be disappointed.
Giao Bui, Herndon
Reviewed: 05/26/2010

Me & family visit this place every now and then. I like the Seafood Pho and my wife likes Chicken Pho. They are made with fresh meat and we never had any issues thus far. Spring rolls are top notch crispy.
Aji Jacob, Herndon
Likes: Wah Taj
Reviewed : 05/04/2009

Pho 75 is quick, delicious and cheap. I go there all the time!.
Dan, Reston, Virginia
Likes: The Food Factory in Arlington
Dislikes: Fridays, Ruby Tuesday

Reviewed 04/05