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Pei Wei
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Sunrise Valley & Corporate Park Drive
(Woodland Park Crossing)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

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User Reviews

Food here is always great and the atmosphere is pretty cozy. Service is quick. Good variety on the menu. It sits right in the middle between China King and PF Changs in terms of price and quality. It is a nice addition to the Woodland Crossing community area since the Red Lobster was closed in 2008.
JoAnne, Herndon
Likes: Macaroni Grill
Dislikes: Bertucci
Reviewed: April 5, 2009

This aftrernoon about 4:00 my husband and I had a meal at Pei Wei. We had a hard time finding a place to sit as there were 7 booths and tables that had not been cleaned off. When we stopped at the soda machine both of the coke dispencers were empty of syrup. We told the man at the register. Then he brought the food to the table and my Dan Dan noodles were quite tasty, but salty and my husband had the Spicy Korean with rice dish and he who usually salts his meals tasted it and said it was way to salty. My husband went ahead and ate it and went to the soda machine and they still had not fixed the coke machine. I am wondering if it is worth it to go back again
Gloria J. Barnhouse, Layton
Likes: Johnnie Carino's
Dislikes: McDonalds
Reviewed: 30/5/2008

OMG this place is so good i go here almost every week! They taste like one of my fav restaurants PF Changs, just cheaper. The portions are good you can save for another meal. You also get a choice between brown or white rice. My favorites are shrimp thai dynamite, chicken pei wei spicy, & pad thai. The food taste fresh though all the meat is lightly battered. Every dish is robust with alot of flavor. If you decide to eat here & never been there are steps to dining there. You order what type of sauce/ingredients you want & what type of meat (chicken, shrimp, pork, beef, tofu/veggies). You get a plastic #. Go sit down at whichever table you want & clip your # to the clip on the table. Your food will be brought to your table. Less than $10 you can get enough for 2 meals.
Dane, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: PF Changs; Ruth's Chris
Dislikes: Burger King; Applebees
Reviewed: 05/08

The staff is very friendly. They ask you if you need refills,bring you to-go containers without having to ask. Very friendly place & I will return! Great food everytime!
Kate, Leesburg,VA
Age: 18-28
Likes: Sweetwater Tavern or Olive Garden or Famous Daves BBQ
Dislikes: Red Robin
Reviewed: 2/17/2008

The Pei Wei in Woodland Crossing has been open for a short time, maybe 4 months. Since that time, my husband and I have visited the restaurant almost weekly. In fact, I've been concerned that my husband will grow tired of the same options. Fortunately, he hasn't thus far. The service at Woodland Crossing is above expectations. Fast and courteous are my minimal and reasonable expectations. The Pei Wei at Woodland Crossing go a little farther. The staff offers to clear away the table, to get us a box, to refil a drink. The restaurant has always been clean. I don't think I've ever seen a dirty table. After some concern of eating at Pei Wei often, I recently researched the nutrition content of the food we order frequently. I was pleasantly surprised that our selections are both lower in fat than I anticipated. The calories were reasonable and comparable to what I would hope; they were not more than I calculated, which I was thrilled with. Since consumers don't have the ability to know all the ingredients used to make a dish flavorful, it is good to know that we can not only research the nutritional content, but also learn the meal is not unhealthy. The only recommendation I have for Pei Wei is to maybe consider adding or changing menu items in 6-12 months. Frequent customers - like us - will grow weary of the same entrees.

Michee, Herndon
Likes: McCormick & Schmicks, Clydes, Sweetwater Tavern,
Dislikes: Unos, Corner Bakery, Ruby Tuesdays, Fridays
Reviewed: December 2007

My wife and I are from California. We had Pei Wei out there so we were pleased to see one was coming to Herndon. You walk in and order at the counter. They give you a number and bring the food out to your table. They have a self-serve soda fountain and iced tea bar with lemons and orange slices - unlimited refills! They have a huge basket of fortune cookies at the soda fountain and you can take as many as you like - quite popular with our son! My favorite dish is the Orange Peel Chicken. The only complaint I have about this restaurant is the seating. The dining room is a little small. The booths are very small and only can accomodate one person on each side. For larger groups you must push tables together. We'll continue to visit!
Jim, Herndon
Likes: Red Robin
Dislikes: Mr. Pepperoni
Reviewed: 9/07

Of course it maintains the standard of its parents' PF-Changs. Its good. The food is more asian, so there are thai and mongolian and other oriental items on the menu. The food was very good and tasty. The serving was quite huge and filling. The service was pleasing and there as a small line to get in which was completely manageable. The only thing I would like to bring is for a Fast Food Environment, the prices werent fastfood prices. But by large the food and the experience except for paying before the food I would not regard it as Fast Food. Oh not to forget the Food arrived Fast and ready.
My ratings:
Cleanliness: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Variety/Options in Menu: 4/5
Vegetarian Options: 3/5

The Truck Guy, Arlington, VA
Age: 18-28
Likes: PF Changs
Dislikes: Charile Changs
Reviewed: 10/16/2007