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Mr. Pepperoni
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303 Spring Street
(Reston-Herndon Business Park)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes

A casual, inexpensive eat-in restaurant serving pizzas, subs and salads. This seems to be a favorite of the Herndon Police who are often seen dining there.

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User Review:

After my boys game we decided to find a nice quiet place to celebrate, we
went to Mr pepperoni the food was very delecious, my kids orderd pepperoni pizza, chicken tenders & fries I orderd fettuccini Alfredo we shared every thing together so we can taste it all the kids loved the pizza, I am not that fan of pizza but thier pizza is good , I loved my pasta the kids are asking to go there often.
janet, Fairfax
: carabas
Dislikes: mcdonalds
Review: 01/29/12

For many years now my husband and I have ordered subs, entrees, and pizza from Mr. Pepperoni (before you even changed the name).The last few times we have ordered subs, they have been substandard. Last night was probably the
worst.I ordered my husband a ham and cheese sub and ordered a tuna sub for myself. First off, neither sub had a pickle on the side. OK, we will live without the pickle, but the quality of the sub was terrible.The bread was about 2 inches high, and you could barely find the meat and cheese or the tuna salad in the sandwich. My husband ended up using only half the sub roll, and putting all the meat on it. We are talking 3 pieces of ham and one piece of cheese.Then there was my tuna sub. I couldn't even eat it. I don't know about your other customers, but we will not be ordering subs from Mr. Pepperoni again.
Valerie, Reston
Likes: Champps
Dislikes: Pizza Hut
Reviewed: 29 July 2009

I called to order pizza's using their online coupons. They REFUSED to honor the coupon saying that it was invalid. We have ordered in the past and I was amazed how rude I was treated on the phone asking about an online coupon I had brought up on the internet minutes ago. They told me it was invalid and they would not honor it even though I had found it on the web minutes before I called them. I informed them that I had it printed, but they did not seem to care. They evidentally have no interest in their advertising or their customer service.
Leslie, Reston
Reviewed: 06/08/08

We like them because they deliver, and they have quite a wide variety of food (including salads).
Joe, Oak Hill
Likes: Mayuri
Dislikes: Burger King
Reviewed: 4/13/2008

Some of the food was good, some of it was poor. Have eaten there twice, will NOT be back...
R. Herndon, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Giovanni's Pizzeria
Reviewed: 2/2/2007

This place has good pretty inexpensive food. I mostly order their Gyros because I do not currently have a menu. Food portion is a good size and it seems to be fresh and tastes good. All and all I don't know if there is anything that really stands out about this place other then good quality and inexpensive for the most part.
Wayne, Herndon, VA
Likes: Taste of the World
Dislikes: Buffalo Wing House

VERY greasy food, the kind that gives you maddening heartburn. Not much decor on the inside. The public restrooms were very dirty. The pizza is OK but there are better options to be found in town. The owner's wife is very rude. We won't visit again.
Jim, Herndon
Likes: Red Robin
Reviewed: 9/07

Great food, good people. I have been to some of the finest restaurants. Best pizza in town, best salad , best greek & italian dinners .The service was excellent.
jack, herndon
Likes: uptown brick oven pizza
Reviewed: 10/18/2007

Mr. Pep's has THE BEST pizza in the area. Nothing comes close. Been eating pizzas there for the past 2 years, it never gets old. Recommend this to any pizza lover.
G, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Macaroni Grill
Dislikes: Morton's
Reviewed: 2004-2006

This food is SO bland and not worth the money! It all sounds and looks good, but bland, bland.
Pizza lover, Herndon
Likes: Luciano's, Papa John's
Dislikes: Fuddruckers
December 2005