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Moe's Southwest Grill
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2315  Woodland Crossing Dr.
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Alcohol: Starting in summer 2008
Delivery: No

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User Reviews

Moe's is an also-run, me-too type of burrito place which pales in comparison to the better selection of Chipotle or Baja Fresh. The flavors are bland. The menu is chalk-full of schtick; so much that it's confusing what you're actually ordering. Also in this vein, they greet/scream hello to you when you walk in the door. So irritating if you're eating in the restaurant. In my book, food should be simple, fresh, and good. Moe's is none of those things. Portions are plentiful, but who cares when you throw away half of it. If you want a good burrito fast, go to the usual suspects which are much more successful enterprises, with good reason.
Ethan, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Chez Francois, Pollo Rico, Ray's the Steaks
Dislikes: Hardee's
Reviewed: 03/09

The food quality is pretty good for the price. I purchased a Funk Mister (crazy name for a soft taco ($2.59) with Steak. Came with chips and I purchased a drink. Total price less then $5. The burritos cost about $6 and are pretty big and you could likely share between 2 folks. If you want to save calories you can do a "streaker" burrito (which is the burrito without the tortilla) Ask for extra lettuce and it’s like a salad. Not sure I am a fan of the menu names (seemed kind of confusing) but once you figure it out you get used to it.
Overall I would go back. Check for coupons and other specials . I know they have an evening special for $6 which includes burrito, chips, drink and small queso.

Mark, Herndon
Likes: Sweetwater Tavern
Dislikes: Anything dirty....
Reveiwed: April 25, 2008