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Mehran House of Kabobs
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23070 Oak Grove Rd #135
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes, (catering)

Buffet every day. We recommend ordering from the menu instead. Try the Karahi! Order it spicy if you think you can handle it. The order takes about 15 minutes to prepare, but it's worth the wait.

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User Reviews

I tried the Kadai chicken and this one was substandard compared to the one
at Ravi Kabob. My main complaint was the pieces - there were mostly bones - and neck ( which I dont fancy - in fact I almost threw up !) - and bones from the wings and stuff ! The flavor was quite decent - but the meat left a lot to be desired. There is a lot of potential - but I'd rather go some place else !
Farzan, Herndon
Likes : Ravi Kabob
Reviewed : 5/29/2012

The catering price is rediculously high. I just wanted Chicken Tikka and
Sheikh Kabob with no rice or bread. They are charging $10 per person. Most
restaurants are charging per tray according to the amount of people. For example 180 for 50 ppl. Mehran total would be 500 dollars just for 50 ppl.
Parvez, Sterling
Likes : Ravi Kabob
Reviewed: 10-19-11

I have eaten here twice since they have opened and had the lamb kabaobs each
time. This place is supposedly an annex to the very famous Mehran House of Kabobs in DC. It's not...at least in quality and service. The food isn't bad, but not great either. Even though they are a little indifferent to non-Pakistanis at Shalimar, their food flat blows Mehran away. Nice decor isn't enough. They are supposed to start delivery soon, but that in my opinion, will only make mediocre food worse as it will probbaly arrive cold. I won't go out of my way to eat here too much.
Al, Herndon
Likes: Hula Inn
Disklikes: Matsutake Steak House
Date: two days after opening

OHHHHHHH MY Goodness, The WORST Pakistani resturant EVER. All their foods were cold and past due. Very unprofessional. I will never recommend any of my friends or family there and I wouldn't go there... poor.
Zeshan Salam, South riding
Age: 18-28
Likes: Charcoal Kabob, ravi kabob
Dislikes: Mehran kabob
Reviewed: 07/05/10