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Mediterranean Breeze
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781 Station St
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: Yes, (Outside seating only)
Delivery: Yes

Specializing in Greek and Italian food, they serve pizza, pasta, sandwiches, gyros, kabobs, seafood and much more. Sandwiches are around $8 and entrees are $10-$20. A large 16" pizza is around $13 (New York style pizza with lots of cheese and generous toppings.) There is a selection appetizers, salad bar, as well as a kids menu and a full bar. They serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday only. Try the crab, spinach & artichoke dip!
Reviewed 06/05, updated 04/09

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User Reviews

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Herndon.
Atmosphere: The staff is excellent (Hey Tony!), and the beer is always cold. I frequent the bar area, but it gets a little loud when they have live music.
Food: The Fried green tomatoes are very good appetizers. The gyro is great and a lot of food- get the onion rings for the side. The salad bar is very good also. As far as entrees, the Chicken Kabab is good and is a huge portion as are most of the entrees. Pizzas are very good too.
Price: The prices are very reasonable for what you get. They also have half price specials during the week.
Jeff Merkle, Herndon
Likes: Anita's
Dislikes: Tortilla Factory
Reviewed: July 11, 2008

My Daughter enjoyed her pepperoni pizza. My Wife loved the mediterranian chicken and thought the green bean accompanyment was the best green beans she had ever had. She did not like the roasted potato, she said it was undercooked. I had the Gyros Platter. The gyro meat was a little dry, but the portion size was humongous. We look foward to returning and trying some more items from the very large menu.
Andy, Reston VA
Likes: Clydes
Dislikes: Applebees
Feb 18, 2006

Friendly staff and atmosphere, and the baklava is to die for, but the rest of the Greek menu, along with their garlic bread, is quite ho-hum. Not enough flavor.
Greek food lover, Herndon, VA
Likes: Amphora
Dislikes: Fuddruckers
January 2006

I had the chicken souvlaki which was good, but not great. The meat was a little dry. I got a sald with blue cheese dressing and was very disappointed - it was a standard bottled dressing. I guess I was hoping they would meet the great standards of the restaurant that was there before them. On the up side - they still have some the fantastic wait staff that was there before.
Ann, Falls Church
Likes: Lucianos
Reviewed: 02/23/07