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Matsutake Sushi
13049 Worldgate Drive
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

Matsutake is your typical all-you-can-eat sushi buffet at lunch time, and at night they have a full menu and a Hibachi grill where the chef cooks in front of you at the table. Try it all. Everything is good. Don’t miss the Miso soup at the lunch buffet.

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User Reviews

Out of every sushi restaurant I've ever been to, Matsutake is the best. I
don't go to the cooking tables, so I cant say how they are. But the sushi side has very good food. Me and my family go there every Wednesday evening and one of the waitresses, Michelle, has befriended us and knows out names. All the staff members are very kind. The sushi and sashimi is some of the best I've ever had. I get the sashimi deluxe or the sushi sashimi combo. I also get som philly rolls on the side. The sushi chef also makes my son a special hand roll or a smoked salmon dish. My wife and daughter do not like sushi but my wife loves the salmon or chicken terryaki. Also, try some unagi, or grilled eel! It is simply amazing! When you walk into this restaurant you get a relaxed feel, just like the kid of feel you would get in a small seaside Japanese villag. I cant say much more as words cant describe this restaurant.
Ty, Herndon
Likes : Arties
Dislikes: Outback Steakhouse
Reviewed: March 2010

Matsutake Sushi is one of my favorite restaurants! I will admit, I have never been there for lunch, but I have been there many many times for dinner, both at the sushi bar and for the hibachi. The staff is always more than polite and helpful. The sushi Chef's are skilled and entertaining! The fish is reasonably priced, not cheap, but I have been to plenty of other over-priced sushi bars - this is not one of them. And talk about fresh, they have the freshest sushi than any other place around. Let's not forget about the rest of the menu either...a skilled kitchen is what I have to say about that. So next time you're thinking about dinner, don't let tales of sushi-fingered kids at an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet (which is what you get at any all-you-can-eat event) ruin your appetite, give MATSUTAKE your vote, I promise you'll be going back there again!
Alisha Kuntzler, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Outback
Dislikes: Bertucci's
Reviewed: 9/3/07

I wholeheartedly agree with another review that stated that the fish portions on the sushi buffet are small while the rice portion is huge. I would estimate that the fish is about half the amount you normally get at most restaurants. In addition, at my last visit to the restaurant I did not eat the rice on my last four pieces of sushi (I ate it with all of my previous sushi pieces but was starting to get full from all of the rice!). When the waitress cleared the plate she said to me, quite rudely, that the next time, if I did not eat all of my rice, I would be charged double. She also added that if I wanted sashimi, I should have ordered it. I will never go back to this restaurant. If you want good sushi (with reasonably priced lunch specials, try Ariake in Reston.
Laura, Ashburn
Likes: Ariake (Japanese)
Dislikes: Reston Kabob
Reviewed: April 2007

Never been for dinner, used to go for their lunch buffet, it's all you can eat and yes they do have a wide variety, but the rice portion is HUGE and the fish, etc. on the top is too skimpy. I don't go anymore because they try to fill you up with too much rice.
Elden Street Worker, Vienna
Likes: Rio Grande, Coastal Flats, Roma's Macaronni Grill, Clyde's, Hunan Herndon
Disklikes: Outback
Reviewed: Many times 2005