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Masala Wok
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905 Herndon Parkway
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: Yes, outside seating only
Yes, Beer only
Delivery: No

This restaurant is the Indian equivalent to Pei Wei, or Wrap Works. You order at the counter, they give you a number, you go get your own drink, and then someone delivers the food to your table. The restaurant feels new, bright and clean. Masala Wok is a small chain, and this is the only one outside Texas so far, according to the official web site. If you are not familiar with Indian food, there are descriptions and pictures, unlike most Indian restaurants. They also have a kids' menu with Chicken Tikka Quesadillas, Chicken Nuggets and Stir Fry Noodles. The food is described as "Indo-Chinese" because they use a wok to prepare the food. They do serve Chow Mein and Cop Suey, but just about everything else on the menu is Indian. You may order it mild, medium or spicy. Don't let the casual atmosphere lead you to believe that the food will be inferior. This is not like some bland frozen Indian food you might buy at Safeway. It's quite good.
Reviewed 09/07

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User Reviews

Hi everyone, I saw many bad review written about this place. I agree, it's bad atmosphere, the place is a little dirty, but hey! you must appreciate the hard
workers. They aren't even Indian or Asian, but they still cook well. If you eat the food plain they give, its a little bit boring, but to make it a little more snazzy,
at the red chilli sauce at the condiments section of the restaurant. For example,
everyone in my family loves this place only for 2 types of food there: the Masala
Noodles with Paneer and Masala Fried rice with Paneer. But to enjoy the food, YOU MUST put the red chilli sauce. Even if you smell it, you will like it! Please trust me, even if you dislike this place, please try to be courteous to the staff members, try these two dishes, and they will be nice back. Please be patient with them, they are actually very nice. Thank you very much. I appreciate your time.
Sandy Williams, Houston
Age: 18-28
Likes: Olive Garden
Dislikes: Mcdonalds
Reviewed: Jan 2012

The worst service I have ever had! At 4:30 on a Friday, I went to the Herndon store to use my Groupon. After ordering, the cashier talked to the cooks, who were all on break, and asked them to make the order. Then he asked if I would wait 15-20 minutes extra for my order because everyone was on break and noone was available to cook my food. I said no and asked for a refund. The cashier said he couldn't give me a refund because of the Groupon I used. I asked for a gift card instead and he said he didn't know how to do that. I said I realize that breaks are important but it is unacceptable for everyone to be
on break and to make paying wait. The cook still refused to get up and make my order. And the cashier said it was their slow time so everyone takes a break at that time. How ridiculous! I will never go back!
kim mister herndon
Reviewed : 10/07/11

First time reviewer. We ordered chilly chicken and thai pepper rice.
Obviously the cook never ate or even seen chilly chicken and thai rice. Felt
deceived. The food was worst. No flavor at all. The thai rice tasted like nothing It was plain rice colored green.The prices are below $10 but still not worth the money. We were so dissapointed. Will not recommend it to anyone.
vani, herndon
Reviewed: sep 10th 2011

The service at the Fairfax location is horrible! There is a snotty pimpled
face kid that hurries you through your order, yet knows nothing about the food that they sell, does not thank you for your order, he must be affilited with the restaurant owner because he obviously does not care about customer service or getting written up for being obnoxious. The food is cheap and average in quality, not truly authentic, although, lots of ethnic people dine there at any given time. The condiments are sparse, and they WILL charge you for extra hot sauce. They do not open on time, and they close early so if you are in there 10 minutes before the posted time of closing, they will take your order with the greatest of attitude, then direct you that it is for carry out only. In other
words, leave, and we dont care, we have enough business anyways, we do not want you dining in our restuarant. "Go away". They got their wish with me. Unless you do not mind being overcharged for hot sauce and being disrespected, then this is the place for you. Cheap food, cheap service. They are a disgrace!
christine, fairfax
Reviewed: 04/10/2011

I will never like to go again in Masala Wok. They serve Burnt food. I ordered Thai chilli and Veg Manchurain and both the things were totally burnt. Veg Manchurian was having too much salt. We ordered Ras malai in dessert and after seeing its amount and quality I though why are they giving a wrong picture of Indian Sweets. I will suggest Please never go to Masala Wok.
Sunitha, Herndon

I never leave reviews for restaurants. But if you are reading this.. be
assured that you are doing the right thing before you try this place! Myself and my friends ordered the following : 2 Chicken tikka masala 1 Masala wok special(Spicy). When the food arrived.. it looked okay. Staff was good. But that is it !!! The food was so TASTELESS and ROTTEN that we couldnt help but talk only about how bad the food was. It felt like we were eating food which was microwaved for a few minutes and served with spices all over!! Chicken tikka masala.. was nothing but a bland version of Butter chicken, which
didnt taste any good!! We tried to finish our food but could not.. and left! It was not over yet.. The next day.. 2 out of the three people felt so sick that it only felt like we had indeed eaten something that our bodies didnt like! Bottomline : DO NOT TRY THIS RESTAURANT! I have been to so many restaurants which have Indian-chinese menus .. this is the worst. WILL NEVER GO AGAIN! I WOULD PREFER MCDONALDS ANY TIME OVER THIS! Yeah.. it
was that bad!
Rosh, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Angeethi / Big Bowl
Dislikes: Masala Wok
Reviewed: 07/07/2010

Fantastic food. All good. Great hostess. Always smiling and ready to help.Great stuff. All the best. Will be surely be coming back on my next visit in VA area.
Dharmesh, Madison NJ
Reviewed: 6/3/2010

Horrible Food, Horrible Service. Do not eat here! I visited them once in 2008, the food came late nearly 30 mins wait and the taste was horrible every dish had the same sauce. I was hoping they would improve and tried them again in 2009. This time the service was even more horrible, food came 40 odd mins late, I was told we were expecting less crowd today ( It was a weekend, can you beleive it!). They again had the same sauce for Chicken Manchurian and Chilli Chicken and this time they told me the difference is that one is spicier than the other. I had a very bad stomach upset as well from this time..I will never go there again.
Raj D, Herndon
Likes: Haandi
Dislikes: Masala Wok
Reviewed : 05/10/2009

One of the best restaurants ever it is just amazing the employees are great and the service and price are magnificent.....Price- 9.9/10 Food- 9.5/10 Service- 8/10 Cleanlines-10/10 Overall-10/10
usman, Fairfax
Age: under18
Reviewed: 08/08

The Food is fusion of Indian and Chinese. This is a new trend and delicacy picked up in India. The origin is mostly from the north eastern part of india where there are a mix of indians and orientals from china, tibet and such. Masala-Wok tries to capture this trend by giving the chinese menu an indian curry flavor. A definite worth a try restaurant. In the US, it is more popular in NY/NJ area. Not all items in the meny can be graded excellent but mostly definite worth trying and exploring for the effort and courage the restaurant has tried to bring in something new. Most chicken items need appreciation. Ginger Masala and American Chopsey was good. The veggie manchurian was average. Items come with Rice/bread/Lo-mein. I dont suggest the steam rice option. They serve beer and some wraps and some unfused regular Indian masala entree too. A little pricey for normal lunch, but for the crave of exploring and being creative and to eat something new acceptable. All Veg Entree is 7.49, Chicken 7.99, Shrimp 8.49 and so on..
Ratings: Cleanliness: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Menu Variety/Options: 2.5/5

The Truck Guy, Arlington, VA
Age: 18-28
Likes: Masala Country, Angeethi, Indique Heights
Dislikes: Minerva, Charlie Changs, China King
Reviewed: 10/02/2007