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1054 Elden Street
(Bloom Shopping Center)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Yes (wine and beer only)
Delivery: Yes, (minimum $100)

Large spacious, elegant restaurant with great food and great service. Some say they have the best pizza in Herndon. Try the lemon veal! Most of the entrees are served with spaghetti and bread. Entrees are $10-$15. This is also one of the few remaining Herndon restaurants featuring a salad bar.
Reviewed 01/07

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User Reviews

First off, I am simply overjoyed to find this site. I've always wanted a
local food critic site. We wanted to eat pizza, and based on the reviews we tried
out Luciano's in Herndon. We loved it. We had the NY style cheese. Although the crust could have been thinner, but it was still way better than all the franchise
pizzas I've eaten. We also had their Cannolis and they were really good too. I would highly recommend this place. I spent three years in NY and have had a hard time finding a good italian place. Maybe just maybe my search may be coming to an end. Cheers
Naveed, Herndon
: sichuan village
Dislike: red lobster
restaurantreviewed: Luciano's
Reviewed: 7/30/2010

overall, experience good...waiter could use some training...other than that...great for price...recommend this restaurant...they know their customers...
Mo, TX
Likes: Maggianos
Reviewed 10 May 2010

Luciano's has the greatest atmospher and the tastiest food. I'v only gone twice to eat there and have been bery satisfied with everything i ordered from apps to desert. Luciano's has very friendly staff which will take care of you and make you feel like home throught your entire experience.
Meriem Moussaif, South Riding VA
Age: 18-28
Reviewed: 07/10/09

Take it from someone who is of Italian Decent & from the southern part of CT and not far from New York City....it's tough to find an Italian restaurant that makes New York Style pizza and Luciano's is the closest. I especially love their "Lentil" soup and their "wedding" soup (since that is not the correct name)I have been known to place soup orders (to go) and I have been able to pass it by my Mom and Mother-in-law as my own :) I did tell the the truth after dinner was done :) As for their other dishes they are equally as good....and the bread/pizza dough is always fresh....Keep up the great work!!
Linda, Ashburn, VA
Likes: Dante's Italian Restaurant in Great Falls, VA
Dislikes: any form of a "fake" Italian Restaurant: ie: Bertuccis, Maccaroni Grill, etc
Reviewed: 12/13/08

I've been going to this restaurant for years and first went to the one in Tysons Mall before the one in Herndon opened up a few years ago.
I'm not sure what people are complaining about as I've always found the service stellar not to mention the food prepared very competently and delicious.Although the bar is a fairly recent addition, I don't think people go to this place for the "bar" but for the food. I've yet to have a poor meal or service there. It's not Cafe Antonios or Cantina d'Italia but it's definitely better than Bertuccis. The only recommendation I would make is that one should not have to be charged for a side-dish of pasta when that normally comes with most Italian meals at other Italian restaurants. Example: If I order Eggplant Parmigiana I shouldn't be charged for a small side of the pasta. Other than that, there are enough regulars that go there that it has managed to stay in business when many restaurants have come and gone in the area so they must be doing something right! Also, the staff has always been nothing but courteous and friendly so I say, 'keep it up'.
Mellie, Herndon, VA
Likes: M&S, Clydes, Tortilla Factory, Big Bowl
Dislikes: Anything fast-food
Reviewed: 04/2008

I was a little hesitant to dine at Luciano's as the reviews were less then stellar, but the menu looked great and I figured I would give it a try. I came here with my wife about an hour before closing on a Thursday night and the place was empty, except for 3 guys at bar. Not a good sign, I will give the place 5 stars on decor though. I also felt rushed and the waitress even mentioned that the kitchen was going to close within the hour and to try and hurry up!!!! I had the Meatball and peppers w/ side of noodles. The meatballs were not fresh, just by texture I could tell it was processed. Sauce tasted like Ragu from a can that they added oregano and some sugar. It was very disappointing and crappy meal, salad was weak, blue cheese dressing was horrible. I should have listened to the reviews and went for pizza. 25+ years in business? Mob must own this place or something, I don't see how. I doubt I will give there pizza a try, but don't make the same mistake I did when dining. They need to get some Italians in the kitchen too, I mean I know its herndon, but ummmm traditional? LOL
Will, Reston
Likes: Icehouse
Dislikes: Fridays
Reviewed: 2/21/2008

Best Italian Restaurant in Northern Virginia. I had a chicken Parm sandwich. The chicken was fresh and very tasty. The cheese and the sauce were a perfect combo and the bread is outstanding as usual. I always order extra bread to take home with me. My wife had the Lasagna which was fantastic. This place has the best food- Pizza, Pasta, and Subs. I have yet to find a better place for good quality, inexpensive, consistantly great food. If you have never been here, it has a very at home feel and its an inviting restaurant. Everyone seems so pleasant and my wife and I love to go here on our date nights. We highly recommend it!
Jake, Vienna, VA
Age: 18-28
Dislikes: Olive Garden
Reviewed: 11/1/06

Luciano's, in addition to having a cute atmosphere, has excellent, authentic-tasting food, very New York style and just delicious. Their bread and crusts are so fresh and flavorful, as are their robust sauces. The variety of dishes is quite extensive. The service is very good and you get a great family feel from the staff. I love this place.
Food Lover, Herndon, VA
Likes: Luciano's!
Dislikes: Olive Garden

Lucianos is one of my families favorite restaurants. The pizza and calzones are consistently good (the white pizza is my favorite) and the nightly specials (which my wife usually orders) are tasty and a good bargain for the price. Their menu has a large variety, and my family has always found the quality to be top notch. This is one of the restaurants that we take people who are visiting from out-of-town, and were we celebrate special events.
Tom, Sterling, VA
Likes: L'auberge Provencale, White Post, VA
Reviewed: 02/06

Time:Lunch Rush
Entree:Steak and Cheese sandwich, Chicken Parmesan, and Slice of Cheese Pizza. The restaurant is very large! It's deceptive when you first walk up to the store front. There is a sign that says to use the side door. When you walk along the side of the building, you realize this is like going to an Olive Garden type, sit-down restaurant. The ambiance is nice enough for a quaint meeting with that special someone. There are hanging vines and roses on each table. Why am I talking about the atmosphere rather than the food? I like to talk about the positives before I get to the bad stuff. Now, I'm not saying the food is bad here, it's just different. The sandwiches are made with "Italian" bread (read: chewy, huge hoagie buns) The chicken parm sandwich was dry-it seemed like the chicken was the kind you find in the frozen food section). The steak and cheese had too much mayo. Also, the cheese used on both sandwiches seemed low in quality. The redeeming part of the meal was the simple, single slice of cheese pizza. Overall, I would recommend the restaurant for a "date night"-just stick to the pizza!

Willy, Vienna, VA
Likes: Lighthouse Village
Dislikes: Bamboo Club
Reviewed: 11/15/2005