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Ice House Cafe and Oyster Bar
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760 Elden Street
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes

Herndon's only raw bar, Ice House is truly an upscale dining experience in a quaint setting. The very professional staff will make you feel right at home. The food is suitable for the most discriminating palate. (See official web site for menu.) Live jazz on the weekends. Reviewed 03/06

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User Reviews

Tonight the weather was beautiful so my family, myself, husband and two
young daughters, walked in to town to have dinner. We decided on the Ice House because it was early and likely to be more child friendly then. It was a friday night and we arrived around 6:30p. The wait staff was lovely and while they do not have a child menu (I prefer that) they offered to make us something kid friendly. My husband and I shared the Oysters Rockefeller and they were very good. I had the salmon and it was good but I removed the ham, it just wasn't needed. My husband had the ostrich and that was very tasty. A jazz band set up while we ate and began to play as our meal wound down. Our daughters danced in front of the band and by our table and everyone was completely cool with it. Of course the kids weren't crazed or butting into anyone either. For dessert we shared the bread pudding, which was I think the best bread pudding I've had, and the chocolate mouse which was quite lovely. Overall it was a very nice evening out in our neighborhood that we will gladly make a routine.
J&OS, Herndon
Likes: Patowmack Farms, L'Auberge Chez Francois
Dislikes: chains
Reviewed: 3-18-11

I live in Herndon and looked on the web for a place that had both food and
entertainment. Many reviews for the ICE House were positive but not all. I
decided to take my wife and try it out. We were pleasantly greeted at the door and asked how close to the band we wanted to
sit. The place was about 90% filled. We were very well attended to. We were served extra bread and our water glasses were filled several times. The menu was somewhat sparse. I was pleasantly surprised to see the prices. The
prices are about what one would pay at Unos Grill. The salads and soups were
priced from $4.00 to $5.00 each. Entrees started at $17.00 and went up to about $28.00. I ordered a chicken pasts disk. It was pretty good. While the food was about an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale, the entertainment was a solid 9 or 10. I can't say if we were just lucky or not but the group playing the night we were there was well worth the price of admission. The cost of our meals including salads came to $50.00 after taxes.Overall, the ICE House is a very good value and makes a very nice romantic evening.
Michael C. Barnes, Herndon
: Da Dominicos
Dislikes: Red White and Blue
Reviewed: 01/14/2011

A very good friend of mine suggested that we tried Ice House Cafe for our anniversary dinner. I have to say that it was a wonderful experience. We arrived at 7:00 and was promptly seated by the Matre d'. Right away we could tell the place had a mystical feel to it. It carries a lot of history and it is elegent but not pretendious. We were welcomed by our server whom I found very courteus and friendly. We had a good conversation and I was very impressed by the history of the restaurant. Ice House has been at this location since 1978. As we settled in, I took notice of the extensive wine menu. Our server made us feel right at home He went through the specials and recommended some popular dished on the a la carte menu. He also seemed to be very knowledable with wine and we order a bottle of Caymus Cab. We started with the Oysters Oscar on the special and the clams on half shell. They were absolutely wonderful, delicate and flavorful . My wife ordered the halibut special with champagne dill sauce and I ordered the beef tenderloin. I have to say it was the best beef tenderloin I ever had. The cooking was supverb and the sauce complemented the dish nicely. We finished our dinner with Irish Monk (coffee liquor) and home made tiramisu. I had tiramisu in many places and what we had at the Ice House was the best. What a wonderful evening for celebrating our anniversary. Ice House Cafe is truly a unique place. We stayed for the live jazz with couple more Grand Marnier.
Raymond Daz, Potomac
Dislikes: Morton Steak House
Reviewed: May 30 2008

We made reservations for 2 for dinner at 7pm on Valentine’s Day and when we arrived we were promptly seated. Our waiter quickly came and brought us our menus and took our wine order. We had never been to the Ice House but had heard very good reviews and thought that we would try it. After flagging down our waiter (Chris) we each ordered appetizers. After waiting for over 40 minutes we flagged Chris down to ask about our appetizer. He said the kitchen was running slow. After waiting just over an hour the appetizers came. The wait time had been ridiculously long. We had both ordered the tenderloin for dinner. One of us ordered it medium well the other medium. Chris did not write our order down and when I questioned him about would he be able to remember what we ordered he said it would not be a problem. Our dinner was brought to our table 1 ½ hours after we sat down. It turned out that both dinners were way undercooked both were rare to medium rare. Chris did not check to see if our tenderloin was cooked correctly and he was so busy we could not get his attention. It appeared that he was waiting tables for the entire back room and many front tables as well and was not able to provide us service. We were not able to eat much of our tenderloin since they were so undercooked and decided to take them to our dogs. We tried to flag Chris down and finally got to him. We asked for our check and paid our bill and then left. Adding insult to injury we had noticed that Chris was given the ladies of each table a flower but because he was too busy he did not do so for us. We had a terrible Valentines Dinner and several times we were ready to walk out. It seemed that the staff at the Ice House really did not care about their customers. The server was inattentive, the kitchen very slow, the cook did not prepare the meal correctly. We were very disappointed and do not understand how the Ice House could have had such a good reputation considering our experience. I would hope that you would share our experience with your manager/owner so that they might make the proper corrections in case they really care about customer satisfaction and the Ice House reputation.
Steve Deutsch, Oak Hill, VA
Likes: L'Auberge Chez Francois
Dislikes: McDonalds
Reviewed: 2-14-08