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2200 Centreville Road
(Inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel)
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We use the Crowne Plaza and Houlihan's professionally for visiting adult groups. Houlihan's is fairly new and well appointed; 'trendy' interior decor, also has a outdoor 'cafe' area that's great in good weather. The menu is diverse enough for various 'tastes'...salads, light & heavy appetizers, entrees, etc. The food quality is good and well presented. The quesadilla was excellent. Pricing is reasonable for the location. The breakfast bar was good, even tho a bit pricey...but expected in better hotels.
Nancy Socarras, Bedford
Likes: Charlie Changs, Carabbas's, Cafe Asia
Dislikes: Hardees, Taco Bell
Reviewed: 2008

Houlihans has changed since 1999, the last time I was in one. I liked what they did to this particular location, next to the Crowne Plaza. The food was quite delicious, service was fun (although a tad slow), and the presentation was very well done. Not sure if it was due to the high temps we experienced, but the AC was being run by an outside unit with makeshaft tubes running the restaurant. Did not affect the service or quality - just an FYI. They also have an outside patio, which could be a lot of fun for happy hours.
John S, Herndon
Likes: Fogo de Chao, Pollo Inca, Luau Garden, Morton's, Russia House
Dislikes: Taco Bell, McDonalds
Reviewed: 08/04/06

Excellent decor and very clean. I was a fan of the old Houlihans in Springfield VA. and many of the old favorites are available here. I highly recommend the Chicken Parm entree, it's excellent but be hungry - it's filling.
BC, Linden, VA
Age: 18-28
Likes: Minerva
Dislikes: McDonalds
Reviewed: 10/10/2007

I was surprised how awesome and affordable the Sunday morning brunch was. They had everything including eggs to order, bright red roast beast, and fruit, bagels, Danishes, cake, drinks, b b b bacon, sausage, fajitas, chicken, rice, and a lot more. I am looking forward to taking my wife because she won't have anything to complain about eating wise. My buddy told me 4-8 is a happy hour where appetizers are half price every day, and so are drinks.
Aaron Banikiotes, Herndon
Likes: Guapos
Dislikes: Jerry's Sub's and Pizza
Reviewed: 5/4/2008