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Hot Breads Bakery & Cafe
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390 Elden Street
(Kmart Shopping Center)
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User Reviews

We went to hot breads in Herndon and ordered masala dosa and Hyderabad chai. Chai was no where to say as chai, its so bad and waited for half hour to get our dosa and we can't call that as dosa, it's appadam with potato curry inside. It's the worst dosa that I ever tasted in my life.
Lalitha, Ashburn
Age: 29+
Reviewed : 5/28/2012

Went there on June 17th. Terrible service, terrible food. I bought 2 plates of Vadda which was supposed to be $4.99/plate but got charged $6. They promised to deliver food in 20 minutes when we ordered but took them 50 minutes. The vadda was extremely oily, took 6 napkins to squeeze some of the oil out of it. To remove the oil taste after the meal, when we ordered coffee they said that they don't have staff to make coffee. From the time we came home, my wife has had an upset stomach. What a way to spoil a Friday dinner with family and friends. Learn from our experience, DO NOT GO THERE till they improve the food and the service. There are much better Indian restaurants close by. The food and service at the Hot Breads on Centerville Road is much better.
Suresh, Herndon
Likes: Hot Breads at Centerville Rd
Dislikes: McDonalds
Reviewed: 06/17/2011

Hotbread served stale biryani twice and their mutton biryani is the worst.
Chicken 65 is also stale. I ordered chole bhatura and it is also of cheap quality.
They serve stale food only an above average person, who has a good taste for food can recognize it. Hotbreads do not serve fresh quality food. I tried there Masala dosa, which was of good quality. This is another average typical Indian restaurant where they do not care about the customer when serving the poor quality food.
FoodLover, Ashburn
Likes: Tandoori Nights
Reviewed: April 15, 2011

Horrible service. We ordered food for 35 people on the occasion of our
daughter's first birthday. Though only 30 people turned up for the party, food was too less. At least 8 guests left without food. None of my friends are ever going to order at this place again.
Sreelekha Bhatt, Herndon

Folks, This is my honest review. Let me get head started, by saying, I know these guys well and visited many times, until today, where they screwed up my whole birthday party. Story: Ordered Birthday cake almost weeks ahead of time, called one day before and confirmed just in case they did not forget about my order. My order is suppose to be ready by 10AM, but when I visited, staff was searching for my order paper, I got nervous, and finally found out cake is not there, they completely messed up, no one answered until I became furious, so I turned back with NO CAKE, MY PARTY SCREWED.This is my real story.. I leave it to the people who are reading to decide. Good Luck!
Murali, South Riding
Likes : Thai Luang
Dislikes: Hot Breads
restaurantreviewed: Hot Breads
Reviewed: Mar/28/2010

I was not impressed with Hot Breads. It seemed below average. The service wasn't bad but the food was. Their falafel sandwich was overcooked and tough. Gave them the benefit of the doubt, went back and tried their mutton biryani and that wasn't very good either. My co-workers didn't like the food there as well.As for the bakery, I didn't try it but their selection was limited and nothing looked appetizing. It seems like their business model is a little off. They are neither a very good restaurant nor a good bakery.
John K., Herndon
Likes: Charcoal Kabob
Dislikes: China King
Reviewed: April, 2009

Family of four had been to this fast food joint located in the KMart complex in Herndon. It is the same strip mall where you would find Harvest of India and Indo pak spices. Son (5 years old) ordered topi dosa (waiter said sambaar is inside and was hesitant to let go off the chutney) food on a scale of 1(worst) to 10(excellent) - 0/10. Daugter(9 years old) ordered veggie burger. Food on a scale of rarting- 0/10. she normally finishes her dish and asks for some. This case she couldnt eat half of the dish. Wife ordered tikka chat -rating: rating 1/10 Papdi chaat there was only papdi and date chutney. Rating: 0/10. The two tables we sat on were not clean at all. The chairs had food left overs.
There was sugar spilled on the floor. They had 2 flat panels (panosonic) that showed some movie music. Even here the sound was barely audible.
We have been to the hot breads located on Route 50 in chantilly and I am 300% sure i would have given 8/10 for all the four dishes we ordered in the herndon location. We felt bad throwing money away like this. Please save the $22 for gasoline or send it akshay patra or any other charity.
V, Sharma, Ashburn, VA
Likes: Chutneys, Herndon, VA
Dislikes: Health is wealth, Arlington, VA
Reviewed: 12/29/2008

My experience has been best experience ever in Herndon Hot Breads in USA, this place is great. We sat for 1 and 1/2 hr with my friends and kids. Best food ever in Herndon. Dosas and the biryani were so tasty. Pastries and the cakes is too good for the price. Orders are little bit slow but I dont care to sit in such a beautiful restaurant and kids had plenty of place to play. I have visited many times with my family and friends so far and every dish on the menu I tasted is the wonderful and tasteful. I strongly recommend everyone to go as well as I will continue to go....Best wishes to the Herndon Hotbreads and keep up the Quality!!!
Tress, Mclean
Age: 18-28
Reviewed: 08/28/08