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Guapo's Tex Mex
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1042 Elden Street
(Bloom Shopping Center)
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Guapos is a local chain serving rotisserie chicken and Mexican fare. Their web site states that they are "famous for our fajitas and margaritas," however, the Herndon Guapo's has neither. They do serve steak tacos and beer, in addition to many other items, most of which are served with rice, beans, fries or yucca. The restaurant is clean, efficient, and friendly. Order at the counter from a picture menu on the wall, and your number is called in both English and Spanish. Food is served on plastic dishes on plastic trays. Stop at the condiment tables for your hot sauce, ketchup and "yellow sauce" and get your own fountain drink, like at a fast food restaurant. The food is a step above fast food. Meals are reasonably priced from about $6 to $11. An a la carte menu offers a single taco and variety of other sides for under $2 each. Catering available.
Reviewed 08/05

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User Reviews

Once again, Guapos has done it! From the moment you step inside this restaurant, the delicious smell of the chicken as they are being cooked over the rotisserie is absolutely wonderful. Just order a 1/4 chicken (specify white meat for the chicken breast) along with yucca and your taste buds will be hung over for days! Take your fill of Coke from the fountain and add some from fresh squeezed lime (provided next to the 'green' picante sauce) and you will be satisfied beyond belief. Did I mention that the chicken is finger licking good? A little homemade clue, mix one half of the green picante sauce with one portion of the famous yellow guapos sauce. You will love it!
Alberto Zegada, Alexandria
Likes: Rio Grande
Dislikes: Fresh Cities
Reviewed: 1/21/09

Went there for lunch today and wanted to try something different but Mexican based. Reviews for this restaurant were pretty good so I decided to give it a try. Got there around 12:15 or so and wasn't too packed yet. I had the #8 Combo plate Enchiladas w/ rice and beans. Let me tell you, the food was outstanding. I am so sick of the New Mexico style red sauce type food in the area. I am already planning my next visit to try the Chicken and Steaks coming out of the Wood Burning Brick Oven. If you want a change of pace from Anita's/Tortilla Factory/Teacalli type food then you will love this place. Not really a sit down type place, considering its a number based ordering style place, which can be confusing since I am not Latino and 1/2 the time they call out your order in Spanish. Besides that, no complaints here..
WillyD, Reston
Likes: Ice House Cafe
Dislikes: Red Lobster
Reviewed: 06/30/2008

First of all, I'm from the southwest so I feel I'm a pretty good judge on Mexican food since I was practically weaned on it. :) As to Guapos, I have to say they are very good. Their style of cooking is more true to southwest cooking (Senoran style) vice New Mexico or Tex-Mex. Although I've not tried their chicken, I can vouch for their carnitas, their rolled tacos as well as their enchiladas and their burritos. The place is always kept immaculate and the fact that this has a high degree of Hispanic clientele tells you this is the real deal. Give this place a try because it's darn good and I'm originally from Arizona where I think (other than Tortilla Factory) is the only place that offers consistent and great Mexican food not to mention it's very clean which is very important to me. Cheers!
Mellie, Herndon, VA
Likes: M&S, Amphoras, Clydes, Tortilla Factory
Dislikes: anything fast-food
Reviewed: 04/2008

Fast and delicious. Love the chicken, ribs & plantain!!!!!!
Kim w/Sprint, Loudoun County
Likes: Busara, M&S Grill, Clydes, McCormicks (Reston Town Center)
Dislikes: Marriot's Buffet in Herndon & Bertucci's Restaurant
Reviewed: 3/12/08 & 3/20/08

Perhaps I've been spoiled by places such as Edy's or the Chicken Place in Bailey's Crossroads. The half chicken was decent. The meat was good, but the skin.. It wasn't crispy at all. Oily and greasy. A colleague of mine also ventured there and didn't like the chicken.

Toan Nguyen, Mclean
Likes: Saigon Pho
Reviewed: 02/28/06