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368 Elden Street
(Kmart Shopping Center)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

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User Reviews

I went to this place few times. I have tried their Ramadan buffet. for the
ambiance / cleanness I give it 10/10 but for the flavor on the food 2/10. Most of their food is spiceless and I like spicy food. However the quality of the
ingredients they use are quite good. I only wish they'd use some spice to amp up the flavor of the dishes really deserve. Most of their food tastes like healthfood /sickly patient's food to me. Try their Chicken Shish Tawook with Coleslaw, it is to die for. Great customer service, but I am not impressed with the snooty owner/manager lady.
ThunderCat, Herndon
Likes : Charcoal Kabab, Pizza Zone Herndon, Masalawa Wok, Sweet Ginger, Charcoal Chicken, Gourmet Halal Meat Market
Dislikes: Amphora
Reviewed: 09/23/2011