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Euro Bistro
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314 Elden Street
(BB&T Shopping Center)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes, for large orders only

This is the only restaurant that serves German food within about 10 miles of Herndon. Euro Bistro has a pleasing artistic decor, elegant enough for a nice date, casual enough for dinner before a movie. The menu features many German dishes such sauerbraten, pork goulash, and weinerschnitzel served with delicious side dishes like spatzel, red cabbage and potato pancakes. The bar offers a wide selection of German beer. The Italian entrees include many pasta dishes and gourmet pizza. Entrees are $9-$20.
Reviewed 04/05

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User Reviews:

I have recently been to this establishment for the first time and I loved
the food. When I decided to return the following week at 3.35 pm I was turned away by an Asian lady- rather unfriendly- even though a few tables were occupied by customers. Supposedly the restaurant didn't open back up for dinner until later on. The website gives no indications about being closed between lunch and dinner and I braved traffic for 45 minutes to get there. Needless to say that I will never return!
Katie Franklin, Chantilly
Likes : sweetwater tavern
Dislikes: mcdonald's
Reviewed: 01/13/2011

This restaurant is excellent! I have been coming here for over 10 years
trying various dishes and loving every one of them. We come here for birthdays,
anniversaries and other special events and the Oktoberfest is a blast! This is
family run and it can get busy but it is worth the wait!
Patti, Herndon
Likes : Clyde's
Dislikes: Bertucci's
Date: Oct 2010

Euro Bistro is a family style Austrian restaurant, where I take the whole
family, and am sure to find the local Germans & Austrians eating (sometimes in
lederhosen). Austrian Chef Raimund owns and runs the restaurant with his wife Noni, who always greets you with a smile. I've traveled Europe and find the best Wiener Schnitzel, Jäger Schnitzel and Sauerbraten (just like Oma made) is in Herndon Virginia. Food always comes out hot and worth waiting for when there is a crowd.Large portions prepared just like in the old country, at a good value. Save room for the hot Apple Strudel with ice-cream. Several nights a week Silvia, also Austrian, plays accordion, button box and sings. Euro Bistro catered my daughters wedding and two large parties for me, with the same great food and service.

Opa Greg, Clifton VA
Likes: Rosemary's Thyme
Dislikes: Fast food
Reviewed: 2010, visiting Since 2003

I have been to this restaurant three times and have been disappointed each time. Last time I was there I had the blackened chicken. It was so salty it was inedible. The service has been disappointing as well. I will not be going back.
Carol, Herndon
Likes: Cafe Antonios
Dislikes: MacDonalds
Reviewed: April 2009

Euro Bistro is one of those places we love to go when we are in the mood for "something different". Yes, they have some dishes you will find on other menus at other restaurants, but the mix of classic German and Austrian fare along with other continental delights are a tasty change of pace. Chef Raimund and his staff are welcoming and the food is always top-notch. If you are looking for a quick bite, this is not the restaurant I would recommend. The service is un-obtrusive and occasionally elusive when you need to pay and leave. This is especially true since they expanded the dining room. We recommend the veal dishes (especially the veal picatta) and the stuffed pepper. If you like schnitzel, you are going to love the portions at Euro Bistro. The only thing I wish Euro Bistro would consider is an assortment of "lighter desserts". The selections tend to be large custard/fruit/pastries. Since German/Austrian food already tends toward the heavy-side of scale, it would be nice to have smaller/lighter options as a final course. The menu has something for everyone. The prices are reasonable for the area.
Todd Huse, Herndon (Fairfax County)
Likes: Rafagino's (Burke), Euro Bistro (Herndon), Matsuri (Herndon)
Dislikes: TGIFriday's
Reviewed: Many Times over Many Yrs

A friend was in town and had a hankering for German food. So we obliged him at Euro Bistro. He said on the way over "I haven't had sauerbraten in years". He went with Sauerbraten, I had the Pork Knuckle (and Goulash Soup), and my wife (not a huge fan of German food) had Crab Stuff Rolled Salmon. The food was good, the prices reasonable for what we got (I could barely finish my knuckle). But the service was terrible. Our meals got served hap-hazardly, with one server noticing my wife was without her meal while the others were staring at their food. Clearly the staff (and maybe the kitchen) need a bit of remedial training. My other negative impression was that the wine/dessert menu had pictures of Mozart, Haydn, Bruckner, Lizst and J. Strauss on it. So why are they playing bad German oomp-pah music with so much great alternatives to choose from? But it's a good choice if you have a hankering for Central European cuisine (under-represented in our area...)
David Emery, Reston, VA
Likes: Longhorn (Dulles mall)
Dislikes: Burger King
Reviewed: 19 July 2006

Wow...I can't believe I waited so long to try this restaurant. Food and service were excellent; prices were fairly reasonable - not a cheap lunch, but not exorbitant either. The jaegerschnitzel was delicious. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Bill, Reston
Likes: Moby Dick
Dislikes: Mozzarella's American Cafe
Reviewed: 9/8/06