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El Paraiso
720 Grant Street
(Across the street from Burger King)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

El Paraiso is your typical Hispanic dive restaurant serving all the usual Mexican and Salvadorian dishes with a slightly more diverse seafood selection. Most of the employees and clientele are Hispanic, and you might experience a bit of a language barrier. However, they make a good effort to be friendly and efficient. The menu is in both English and Spanish with lots of pictures. Prices are a little higher than the local competition, but portions are generous. Reviewed 04/06

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User Reviews

We were looking for a Honduran restaurant in Herndon and though I didn't see
one listed the previous review of this restaurant helped. The other customer
complained that the food was prepared by a Honduran so we thought that might be good for us. It was! We found the food to be very good and the service (server was from El Salvador) was very nice, too. The place was clean, quiet, not expensive and the portions were generous. We will definitely be back. Thanks!
Tracy, Leesburg
Likes : Houlihan's
Dislikes : TGI Friday
Reviewed: 3/29/2010

The food was awful! I am from El Salvador and the restaurant claims to be Salvadorian and Mexican. Well ... is neither the person cooking and the person serving the food are from Honduras. We requested the typical food from El Salvador, pupusas, plantain, beens and eggs. The pupusas are frozen pupusas, the beans were bad and the plantain has a lot of saturated oil on it. My friend requested over-medium eggs and the person cooking them did not do it right the first time. I really was expecting more from the restaurant! Prices were fine.
Anonymous, Maryland
Reviewed: 03/12/2008