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China King
141 Spring Street
(Sunset Business Park)
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Credit Cards: No
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

China King is a cafeteria style no-frill dine-in restaurant, but most people get their orders to go. The food is kind of generic and greasy, but the portions are very generous and the prices are inexpensive. It's the fast-food equivalent for Chinese food.
Reviewed 04/05

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User Reviews

I have been coming to this little "fast food chinese" restaurant for the past 22 years! They have expanded with many additional China Kings in/around Herndon/Sterling area over that time period, so they are definitely doing something right! The food is nice and hot, portions are great and the price is fantastic. If you aren't picky about eating out of a styrofoam container with plastic utensils, you can even eat at one of numerous tables at the restaurant instead of getting it "to go". My only small complaint is that credit cards aren't accepted here, but knowing that the prices would have to be raised to accept the credit cards, that's ok. Cash and check work fine for payment.
JAMS, Herndon
Likes: Sweet Water Tavern, Olive Garden, 5 Guys and more
Reviewed: 3/14/09