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China King
2415-B6 Centreville Road
(Clocktower Center)
Remarks: Cafeteria-style Chinese
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Credit Cards: No
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

China King is a cafeteria style no-frill dine-in restaurant. The food is kind of generic and greasy, but the portions are very generous and the prices are inexpensive. It's the fast-food equivalent for Chinese food.
Reviewed 04/05

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User Review

The "miso" soup is really won ton soup broth with tofu in it. Disappointing.
Kris, Herndon
Age: 18-28
: Chipotle
Reviewed: 2009

Time: Lunch rush;
Entree: General Tso's Chicken Lunch Combo ($5.95)-includes fried rice and an egg roll
This was actually my second time visiting (had the Szechuan Chicken, but that's for another review). I thought I would be in for a treat since I heard the cashiers and chef speaking Mandarin (ooh, authentic Chinese food), but unfortunately, like the main review on this page says, what I got was generic, greasy Chinese...but it gets the job done when you get that craving. The portions were small in the lunch combo (maybe 6-7 chunks of chicken, HEAVILY breaded). The fried rice and egg roll filled the rest of the styrofoam container-I felt ripped off. All in all, there are other Chinese restaurants that offer more for less $ On a side note, beware the Ms.Pac Man/Galaga machine-.50 for one credit!

Willy, Vienna, VA
Likes: Ray's the Steaks
Dislikes: Bamboo Club
Reviewed: 11/15/2005