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Chao Phra Ya
2465 Centreville Road
(Clocktower Shopping Center)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Please call for info

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User Reviews

Happened across this one by accident. Everything had great taste and the
staff was very attentive and professional. Beef Larb was very flavorful, calamari
was more of a tempura and very good, crispy duck with chili and basil had great
flavor and curry duck was outstanding. Everything had very distinctive flavors.
Restaurant is small, but has good ambiance. If you like Thai, go here. I will
definitely return soon.
Bob Middleton, Herndon
Likes: Thai Luang, Zifferelli's, Pollo Inca
Dislikes: Mykonos (Reston)
Reviewed: 9-21-2010

The food was DELICIOUS!!! All I can say is *NAM NAM NAM* I gobbled everything up, didn't leave one piece of rice left on the dish. I had the Beef Basil dish and the Larb (chicken) salad. I asked the chef to make it extra spicy, and HE DID! I also had the tom yum soup as part of the lunch special. For 8 dollars and change, it was fantastic, I even tipped a little more because it was so good and at such a great deal. The service was great, I needed water a lot from the spice and the waitress was on point with keeping my cup full. They have non-spicy dishes also as my co-workers had the Drunken Noodles, but you can always ask the chef for a personalized dish if you like a little spice. For dessert we had the sticky rice, which has a little coconut milk on layer on the bottom, and mango on the side to eat with. I never had it until then, but it was GOOD. It was a combination I would never imagine eating, yet it all went so well together.-Phenomenal
Jon, Reston
Age: 18-28
Likes: Ghin Na Ree
Dislikes: Grace's Fortune
Reviewed: Thursday 7/30/2009