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Buffalo Wings House
13005 Worldgate Drive
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

Buffalo Wings House is a casual restaurant and bar with pool tables, darts, foosball, video games, lots of televisons, and even live entertainment on some nights. They specialize in chicken wings, of course, and the selection is enormous! You can get wings or boneless chicken fingers, and choose from dozens of sauces. Some choices include: garlic butter, honey mustard, BBQ, bleu cheese, teriyaki, Jamaican, and spicy crab to name a few. There are five ranges of spiciness from mild to "inferno". In addition to the wings, the menu also features a selection of appetizers, salads, chili, steak, ribs, pizza, and many different sandwiches. A kids menu is available. Service is friendly and efficient. Ask about catering specials and party combos.
Reviewed 09/07

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User Review:

Best Chicken Wings Ever! Thier Spicy Honey Garlic and Butter is my favorite, they have so many flavors to choose from. Really the best wings I have EVER had!
Candice, Woodbridge
Age: 18-28
Likes: Sweet Water
Dislikes: Ruby Tuesdays
Reviewed: 12/08

Wings Are Awesome. I ordered 5 different styles when I ordered their 25 wing special. Drinks are cold and employees are friendly. They also have great parties (So Much Fun!!!)
O, Herndon, VA
Age: 18-28
Likes: del ray ashburn
Dislikes: applebees
Reviewed: 01/07/2008

My wife and I went out looking for a casual place to get dinner Friday evening and found this place in the Worldgate shopping center. The wings were really good and the quality of the chicken seemed to be better than average. There are lots of different sauces, we shared an order of the spicy honey bbq and liked it a lot. I also got a pulled pork bbq sandwich, which they prepare North Carolina-style with coleslaw on the sandwich. It was excellent! I've had lots of bbq and this sandwich was right up there with some of the best pulled pork I've had at any of the big name bbq pits. Definitely recommended.
Michael, Herndon
Likes: Thai Luang
Dislikes: Fast Food
Reviewed: 12/21/07

My wife and I really enjoy the wings at this place. The sandwiches are just marginal. They would do well by offering a buffalo chicken sandwich. I can't believe that's not on the menu! I do have to say that some of the employees in this place seem a little questionable to me. If we go we always pay in cash. One of my friends ate there a few months ago and said their credit card number was compromised by an employee here.
Jim, Herndon
Likes: Red Robin
Dislikes: Mr. Pepperoni
Reviewed: 9/07

Their wings are awesome, and their specials are even better. Beer on tap is better than most of the other wing places in the area - and as an added bonus, they deliver!
Jen P., Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: TurCuisine, Lucia's
Dislikes: American Cafe
Reviewed: April 28th, 2006