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Biryani Pointe
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12976 Woodland Crossing Drive
(Woodland Park Crossing)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No
Catering: Yes

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User Reviews

No ambience, always noise. its not a sit and eat place.its more appropriate to say khichdi instead of biryani. they don't know what is dum ka biryani and they serve.
Imtiaz, Herndon
Likes : Hotbreads
Reviewed: 6/20/2012

When they ask you do you want Biryani mild, hot or spicy, you need to
understand that this is not an authentic hyderabadi biryani. They mix the rice (dry)
with the curry and give a biryani lookalike. Biryani rice flavor is obtained by
cooking it for hours with meat, not by mixing it and giving it based on the
customer. Dumb Chef could have atleast known this basic fact!
Uday, Ashburn
Likes : Ravi kabob
Reviewed: 02/27/2012

Pathetic stale food. Both my husband and I had severe food ache after eating
the food their. When we called the manager to complain he was not at all aplogetic and defending everyting. Never go there!
Desi, Fairfax
Age: 18-28
Likes : Swagath
Dislikes: Bombay Bistro
Reviewed : 11/29/2011

Day by Day food is worst and person on the counter is very rude. Waste of
spending money for tasteless food with rude behavior by Biryani Point persons.
king.ram, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Reviewed : 10/16/2011

It's no no to this eating place. Expensive and cash counter guy has a
squinting look and not sure what he mean by that. Food seems more like Chinese way of making Indian food. Did not find any taste in the dish i had ordered. It's a waste of 12 $ for some oily food.
Raj, Reston
Likes : Angeethi
Reviewed: 04/08/2011

I went to the restruant in the evening - what put me off was the garish
lighting and terrible ambience. My food was nothing to write home about. Mediocre at best. I did not order the biriyani - but ordered a paneer dish. I have not been there again and would not recommend it to anyone - esp when there are so many other Indian restruants in the area.
leks, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes : Taste of burma
Dislikes: Shalimar
Reviewed: July 2011

The food is actually pretty good, however the service is TERRIBLE. I have attempted to eat here 5 times and only been successful twice. I refuse to be put on hold for over 5 minutes to order. When I am able to place an order on the phone and am given a 10 minute estimate I do not want to wait an additional 15 minutes only to be told "just 5 more minutes." Given the number of semi-fast food restaurants in the area and the fact that Anghiti is much better (and only 5 minutes away) I will never eat here again. Save your time and go elsewhere.
Patrick, Herndon
Reviewed: July 2011

When we first saw the sign, we thought this placed served various exotic types of biryani. Not so. Biryani is just one of the dishes. The menu description is generic and does not really tell you anything about the dishes. But all this was not the deal breaker.The dishes are more expensive than competing restaurants in the area- about $1-2 per dish more expensive. Unfortunately, higher price to MUCH LOWER QUALITY. We ordered Chilli Chicken, Chicken Haryali and Khubaani ka Meetha. We are Indians and have eaten at tons of restaurants. The chicken smelled really bad as if it had been sitting out in open for days or was past its expiration date. Secondly, it was so chewy that we had to leave half the dish. Chilly chicken was tasteless. The so-called Chicken Haryali was not how other restaurants define it. Chicken Haryali at Biryani Pointe is what others call "Saag Chicken" or "Spinach Chicken". Unfortunately, the dish did not meet the grade even for Spinach Chicken. Khubaani ka meetha was tasteless as well. Restaurants staff is unresponsive and had nothing to say when we complained. There are much better priced restaurants with better tasting dishes in the area.
RB, Herndon, VA
Likes : Masala Wok
Reviewed: March 2011

Agreeable, modern decor, quite clean, with nice tables in a predominantly
takeout setting. The food is said to be more South Indian in orientation; very
tasty and price was no problem. It's certainly not a typical mainstream Indian
restaurant in that I didn't see dishes like Rogan Josh, Palak Paneer, etc. But the
several meat and vegetable dishes I had were quite good. I do recommend to others. The place was doing very strong business the night I was there. Staff were friendly.
Robert Kingson, Manassas
Likes : Red Sea
Dislikes: Great American Buffet
Reviewed: 10/6/10