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Bagel Cafe
Official Web Site
300 Elden St
(BB&T Center)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes (Mon-Fri or catering orders only)

The one and only Bagel Cafe boasts its own huge selection of bagels and spreads made on site. They serve a lot more than bagels, with a breakfast and lunch menu fit for the most discerning yuppie, complete with gourmet coffee and espresso. The restaurant is small, colorful and very friendly, with very competent and enthusiastic employees. Order at the counter and they call your number. Sandwiches and salads are about $5-$6. Catering available as well, offering both hot and cold meals. See "official web site" for complete menu. Open 7 days a week from 6:30am-3pm.
Reviewed 04/06

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User Reviews

I've been going to this restaurant since about April 95. They do a terrific business and I think their bagels are the best I've had as they're fluffy and soft and not those hard bagels that are typical of other places. However, I think the name of the place works against them because they offer a lot more than just bagels as they offer other sandwich breads plus a lot of different kinds of breakfast items along with lots of sandwich choices. Also they offer salads, a great Mango Iced Tea plus specialty coffee drinks. Anyway, I love this place and one has to beware that on the weekends there's a brisk business as lots of the 'regulars' like to come and hang out on the weekends. They usually have some great music playing plus I like the decor. However, it might be time for a little bit of deep-down cleaning. The place is kept clean so don't get me wrong but I can see where a deep-down cleaning might be warranted since it's kind of lost that new look. Otherwise, this is a great place for bagels, breakfasts, sandwiches, soups and salads. Just too bad that they're not open past 3:30. :(
Mellie, Herndon, VA
Likes: Amphoras, Tortilla Factory, Bagel Cafe
Dislikes: Spice Town
Reviewed: 05/2007