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Angeethi Indian Cuisine
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645 Elden Street
(across the street from The Pines Center)
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: No

Angeethi boasts an elegant, spacious south Asian decor that sets it apart from other local Indian restaurants. The staff is very attentive and the menu is extensive. If you like the spiciness of authentic Indian cuisine, be sure to ask for your entree to be served "spicy" otherwise it will be served mild. There is a lunch buffet during the week complete with soups, salads and desserts and a wide variety meat and vegetarian entrees. Limited parking in front of the building, but ample parking around back.
Reviewed 04/07

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User Reviews

I have visited this restaurant many times aover the past 2 years nd have
always found the staff to be very pleasant and attentive. I have always been seated immediately. I have never had the buffet and have always ordered off the menu. I have found the food to be excellent and well-priced. They are always accomodating to make the food to your preference of hot/spicy. I think the atmosphere is nice as well. I prefer this Indian restaurant to any other that I have tried.
LeeAnne, Reston
Age: 29+
Likes: Thai Luang; Taste of the World
Dislike: Cantina d'Italia
Review: November 2011

Rude Owners/Managers, expensive and very loud restaurant. The service is OK,
the food is OK. Not worth a second visit.
Barry Afshar, Herndon, VA
Reviewed: October 2010

As a good feeling about indian hospitality with customers visited to
Angeethi with my 14 mo daughter they are not caring for kids and unable to understand when jids play with food how come they expect from 14 mo kids to eat very nicely without drooping anything in teh floor and manager cane to us and say " do not allow kid to play on the table" that was very rude and i never recommend that to any of my known ppl who is going with kids and without kids because the items were served in buffet are not tasty. thanks for considering my review who are not going there and hope you might want to leave a comment once visit there. thanks
good cus, ashburn
Reviewed: Nov 2010

We went to weekend dinner buffet to Angeethi Indian Restaurant, Herndon,Virginia, we were 6 adults and 2 kids and the buffet was very expensive ($15.00/person) and on top of that they charged 18% gratuity and to me that is rediculous. Why should they charge 18% gratuity for buffet.We serve the food overselfs during buffet why should we pay gratuity.I never go there afterwords. I don't suggest any one to this Restaurant.
Govardhan, Chantilly
Likes: Mayuri Indian Restaurant
Reviewed: 05/02/2010

While this is not the first time I visited Angeethi, it will probably be the last. Talk about concidence, my stomach was upset each time I ate at Angeethi. I regularly eat out at all types of places and Angeethi got the prize for this! I visited Angeethi with family and friends on Labor Day holiday to have a good buffet lunch. We reached Angeethi at about 1:15PM and parking was not available, so we eventually parked in the Church parking lot next door. After taking our table, we noticed that most of the items in the buffet were exhausted. There were no plates or spoons either. So, we started having some startes (only Chaat was available) while we waited for them to replenish the buffet and some other items such as Pakora. After a 15 minute wait, some of them items were replenished. Tandoori Chicken (my favorite) was missing all the time. We had to wait another 10 mins for the nans to be served. By the time we got to the main course, it was 2:15PM. One of the staff went around stating that the buffet will close at 2:30AM, as if the patrons were causing the delay. When I asked the same Staff member if they were going to replenish any of the items in the buffet, he said I could always ask for what I wanted .. which defeats the purpose of a buffet!
Telveer, Ashburn
Likes: Big Bowl
Reviewed: Sep 07, 2009

My review is more about their party room than their food. Their food if great and staff is polite and all. I am not happy about their party room which we had booked. Heads up...the seating is really low and uncomfortable on the back. Would not recommend it!
Anita, Herndon
Likes: Mayuri
Dislikes: Jaipur Junction
Reviewed: July 19, 2009

I was introduced to this restaurant by a coworker who took myself and a few others there for the luncheon buffet. I have to say I was impressed. Whoever thought the price of the buffet was too expensive must not get out much because I thought the price was well worth it AND I also thought they had a very good selection of buffet items. In fact, my coworker friends and I now make it a weekly event and love it all the more. Although some of their dinner items are a bit pricy, I find that there's more than enough food served so I usually get 2 meals out of 1 order. My only complaint is that all the tables are very hard to get in and out from due to some weird table leg configuration that isn't necessary but that's my only complaint. My only regret is that I didn't give this place a try a lot sooner than I did. I hope they stay here longer than what's been there previously as there's been a lot of turn-over in restaurants in that particular building. Good luck!
Melissa B., Herndon, VA
Likes: Amphoras
Dislikes: Anitas
Reviewed: May 7, 2009

The food was ok. No Non vegiterian rice items in the Buffet that is shocking.The Buffet was pricy.I have not seen any one adding Gratuity for the Buffet but these people do.I not going there next time that is for sure.
Reddy, Stone Ridge,VA
Reviewed: 01/03/2009

I see people right about the staff,well i waited 10 minutes to get attended first,not because they were busy ,but because they were busy checking their cell phones .an not to mention it was a saturday night .well now coming to the food it is just bad .i mean just no taste at all.the breads did not have enough flavor to it too .i will for sure never go back again ,who cares about the looks ,the quality should be good right ,but no it just average.
sam, herndon
Likes: supper clun of india , harvest of india
Dislikes: minerva,mayuri
Reviewed: 10/04/2008

Food was pretty good, and this is the most important thing. BUT, for the higher than usual (for indian restaurants) prices, it was not that much better than other places. Decor is ok...better than Hrvest club or Mayuri, about as nice as supper club, NOT as good as the downtown Indian restaurants. not spectacular by any means. The waitstaff was initially friendly and conversive, but the actual service was not very good (we had to keep flagging them down when we wnated something...an extra napkin, our food packed, the bill, an extra piece of Naan, our dinner order, etc...they forgot about us after the apps. This was on a saturday night, when, by the way, it was NOT very crowded....) Food was good, but given the prices and the poor service at that price point, I'll probably go back to Mayuri for a casual night out, and wait to spend my money when I'm down in DC.
sonia, reston
Likes: Mayuri, Rasika
Dislikes: Harvest of India
Reviewed: 4/19

My first time, and I liked the decor. We had the lunch buffet, and the selection wasn't vast. The food was good, not great. What I really liked was their fried bread w/ chick peas w/ sweet red sauce. I could eat that everday! The service was attentive, and friendly.
Cris, Chantilly
Likes: Cheescake Factory, Taj Cafe
Dislikes: Thai Royal, Chantilly
Reviewed: 2/29/08

Ambience is good. Decor is good/rich. Food is expensive. Quality is good but not extraordinary for the amount you pay. Overall good but expensive.
bhoomika, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: cheeze cake factory
Reviewed: 02/14/2007

Its a nice place. Not as elegant as Indique Heights, but pretty good for a desi place. Nice Ambience, courteous staff. I've had better food, but here it was rich, good and tasty compared to the most other Indian restaurants around here. Not bad a place for family, as well as to dine out with your girlfriend. Beware that the restaurnt when I visited was new and the quality may go down once its picked up business. But worth a try, instead of going to Supper Club of India or Minerva.
The Truck Guy, Adams Morgan, DC
Age: 18-28
Likes: Indique Heights, DC Nieghbourhood.
Dislikes: Minerva Indian
Reviewed: 2/22/2007

I agree with other reviewers. It's a nice place, but the food just isn't as tasty as several other Herndon and Ashburn Indian restaurants.
Michael C. Schneck, Ashburn, VA
Likes: Banjara
Dislikes: Domani
Reviewed: 5/31/07

I found the decor of the resturant really good. A friend and myself met there for lunch and had the lunch buffet. Not a lot of selections but, I found the food to be good. It not as Spicy as some other Indian resturants and that can be a good thing, if you wish to take a friend who has never had Indian food before. I would recommend this place.
Cmone, Herndon
Angeethi Indian Cuisine
Reviewed: 07/18/2007

I really enjoyed my experience. The food is incredible. True it is not as spicy, but that is a good thing. You can always request extra spices, if you like. There is a lot of space, so its great place to come with a big crowd. They also have a VIP room for private events for a small group of people. I also went again for buffet, and they had a lot of selections for the price you pay. I think compared to other restaurants around the area, I would rather come to Angeethi, for the same food, but better ambience.
Ashima, Fairfax
Age: 18-28
Likes: Mortons
Dislikes: Maggianos
Reviewed: 10/2007

The food was fine, but I find the comments from other reviewers about the wonderful decor puzzling. We went for the lunch buffet and sat in one of the booths with the glass table tops. The seat was lumpy and too low, the glass was streaked, and there was some sort of grungy looking debris stuck under the glass. To make matters worse, the floor at the buffet was terribly sticky. And there were no visible spills or drips to explain it. Our overall impression was that the place was simply not very clean. And, if that's the impression one gets from what one can see, I would have to wonder about what one cannot see. In addition, the buffet plates are tiny. If they are worried about the profit margin I would suggest raising the price by a dollar or two. Overall a very disappointing experience.
CA Bruce, Herndon
Likes: Ice House Cafe
Dislikes: Minerva
Reviewed 11-14-07

I should have known better when I saw that the restaurant was dead on a Friday night. The service sucked, food was mediocre and the prices were outrageous. My first and last visit at this restaurant. I do not see this business lasting long. For a Indian restaurant in the Herndon area, The Supper Club of India is much better.
Tim Ritter, Herndon, VA
Likes: Cheesecake Factory
Dislikes: Minerva (Chantilly)
Reviewed: 11/23/07

This resturant had excellent service, ambience & food. And I used to love to take my friends & clients to this restaurant because of the calm atmosphere and service. Also I had recommended to many of friends. But recent visit my client sucked the service. Waiter was rude and charged an Appitizer as Entree and he said that he thought that, to treat an Entree as appitizer at an regular cost and charged me for the entree. In fact it was appitzer with minimum contents in the plate and definetly not an Entree. And when asked he was at his peak of rudeness. Think twice to visit this resturant as their service sucks now and also expensive.
Loks, Fairfax
Age: 29+
Reviewed: 1/18/2008

The ambience is Wonderful.Educated waiters. not like any other indian restaurant. waiters cannot even speak English. The food is excellent.We were their on saturday. I have never seen indian brunch in my life have so much choices. by visiting that place just took me back to Newdelhi.Wow i am Sppechless.I wish them best of luck. By the way owner sanjeev is a just wonderful person.it is under priced Brunch.
John, Leesburg
Dislikes: Minerva, Supper club
Reviewed: 02/15/2008

We had a party of 6, spent over $200, and they had the audacity to enforce a 20% surcharge when they gave us miserable service. The waitress was unattentive since her shift ended and she was interested in going home. Also, the drinks were very weak - they charged us $8.50 for Johnnie Walker Black Label when they only put in a spoon of liquor. On top of that, we ordered several pina coladas - which had no coconut in them. Never going back again, wouldn't recommend it. Go anywhere but here.
A. Sukhwani , Fairfax, VA
Likes: P.F. Chang
Dislikes: Angeethi
Reviewed: 03/10/2008

Decor was beautiful, they got new comfortable chairs, very good attentive waiters who speak and understand English some are cute too. Food was not as spicy as I would had liked it to be but I will ask next time for more spicy. My kids loved the Shahi Paneer (Cheese in Butter Sauce) They said they can eat it every day. Loved the bread. I definitely will come back and eat here or the new one in Leesburg again and again. Try the Gulub Jamun hot. It taste like little round balls of pancakes and syrup. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.
Jessica, Leesburg
Reviewed: 05/07/08

I have been going to Angeethi since they started operating in this location and I must confess that I absolutely loved the food and strongly recommended it to most of my colleagues and friends. But unfortunately I have observed consistent decline in the quality of food and service. This is hallmark of most of the Indian Restaurants in the area. As soon as they taste success, a certain arrogance sets in and the customers are meted ill treatment as if the source of the success is something else. Today my family took me to Angeethi to treat me on father's day and we arrived bit early to avoid the rush. We were first few families to be there and I hit the fresh cooking corner for Hakka Noodle and Aloo Paratha. The Noodle was just cooked in the soya sauce and felt wet and insipid, the paratha was wheaty and undercooked and left a taste of raw dough. After that I thought of sampling the non-veg dishes - I must say that the Malai kabab was very nice but the tandoori chicken was average and the butter chicken creamy and sweet and lacked the punch it used to give months back. But then I kept waiting for the Naan that they used to serve earlier at the table but it did not arrive. I asked the server couple of times and then I was told that today it may not served as they are serving Aloo Paratha. So, we moved on to rice and dessert. But to our dismay we noticed that they started serving Naan on the nearby tables. I asked the server why he told me in the beginning that Naan won;t be served and he pointed me to the manager. After paying the bill, I went upto the manager and complained about this incident. He made a very sarcastic comment that I should eat couple of extra Naans next time I come there to eat! I was simply shocked and I asked him to explain what he meant. At this point instead of apologizing he asked me angrily - "what do you think I should do for you - tell me?". I just walked out without saying a word just vowing never to return there. This was the service when they were charging $5 extra for father's day. With this kind of food and service it all felt raw fleecing to us.
Rakesh Kumar, herndon
Likes: Thai Luang
Reviewed: father's day, 2008