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Amphora Diner Deluxe
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1151 Elden Street
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Alcohol: Yes
Delivery: No

Amphora is a 24 hour diner and bakery owned by a Greek family. The Amphora in Herndon is the second of two Amphora restaurants. The older Vienna location has been a Northern Virginia institution for decades. They are best known for their 24 hour breakfast service, but they also serve many American classics, as well as a wide selection of Greek dishes such as felafel, souvlaki, moussaka, pastichio and much more. The service is friendly and efficient. Reviewed 10/05

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User Reviews:

Rocked my socks not gonna lie had a super fantastic awesome time at amphora. Chocolate chip pancakes were magically delicious. Ceasar salad was classy and I loved the waiters. Bow ties were on point, really just over the top. The water tasted the fountain of youth just magnificent. Relived my parched throat. I will be back everyday day or night because they're 24 hours!!!!!!
Allison Ku-Narodoni, Oakton
Age: under18
Likes: Chipotle, glory Days, Amphora, panda express, Cheesecake Factory
Dislikes: Moby Dicks
restaurantreviewed: Amphora
Reviewed: May 2012

We eat at alot of diners up and down the East coast. We visited the Amphora
and I felt the need to write a review. It had the best spinach and artichoke dip we
have ever had. I got the stuffed shrimp which was alot of crab not alot of filler
and the double chocolate chunk cake which our waitress recommended was amazing. The service was on point. All I can say is I'm sorry I live 2 1/2 hours from here or I would be a regular.
Rhonda Lucas, Newark DE
Likes: The bayou in have de grace MD
Dislikes: Marts kitchen Newport Delaware.
Reviewed: 8/31/11

Food was excellent. Waitress was so miffed at our table. No smiles. Bad
attitude. Just angry. Refused to visit our table. We desperately needed water
refills. I finally got a lady bussing tables to refill our water. It appeared she
would rather refill it than get our waitress!! Neither the waitress nor the manager
knew how to do a Groupon either and made it so complex. I will NOT ever go back here. The food was definitely good though. And the place was very clean. 5 stars for food. Zero stars for the waitress and her horrible attitude. Too bad for her, I'm generally a really good tipper too.
Jo Beatty, Vienna
Likes : Gordon Biersch
Dislikes: Bob Evans
Reviewed: 8/2/2011

I have been to this restuarant several times and this is by far the best
restaurant in the area. I love eating here. They have this really interesting
exotic bread. It's Greek style foccacio with olive oil and sun dried tomato and
garlic baked into the top of the bread. very original. I also had the BBQ Beef
Ribs. And after that we met for a corporate meeting and used their Private Banquet Room which I highly recommend.
Tom Culver, Herndon
Dislikes: McDonalds
Reviewed: June 16, 2011

I visit Amphora every so often and rarely disappointed with the service or
food. Sure, some customers may have had a bad meal or a waiter w/an attitude, but I haven't come across this. Their prices are a high for my budget, and I don't go as much as I would like (or I'd go to Zeffirelli, The Russia House, etc). But the food quality is far superior over their competitors (Silver Diner, TGIF, Appleby’s, etc.). I like the European flair with waiters in white coats, well dressed and coifed olive-skin managers, dark eyed cashiers, and the ambiance of being somewhere in the Mediterranean. I recommend Amphora esp. for the night owls, and for those tired of franchises with the same cardboard taste menu.
J.R. Alexander, Herndon-Sterling
Likes: Charlie Chiang, Charkoal Kabob, Sweetwater, Olive Garden, Guapo's
Dislikes: Pollo Campero, Mexican Garden, Tortilla Factory, Baja Fresh,
Reviewed May 2011

The diner used to be a great place to eat all your mails but I am afraid is
being reduced to a breakfast only establishment. Since I work nearby I used to eat there at least once per week for several years but about two years ago things
started to change- the food quality was sliding downhill and to this date, it has
not gone back up. The fries are awful, the bread is not as good as it used to be
and it just seems like they are using cheaper products now.
However, breakfast is still good. Also a huge warning for all readers: Me and a bunch of my co-workers have had our credit card information stolen and we have been told that it might have happened at the diner over the past 8 months or so. None of us will go back if we are paying by credit card. I had head co-workers talking about this and didn't think much of it until my CC company called me to tell me I needed to stop using my card. Hopefully Amphora
has corrected the problem.
James, Herndon, VA
Likes : McCormick and Shmicks
Dislikes: Tortilla Factory
Reviewed: 10/28/10

The diner deluxe is a fantastic place for family to have a night out! What’s great about it is there is something on the menu for everyone. We went there last week.My wife enjoyed her pasta portofino, with Shrimp, arugula and basil. I had a delicious pork and pecan veronique, with grapes and wine.Our daughter was happy with her grilled cheese and my son loved his blueberry pancakes.Amphora is the best restaurant ever to have fun with familly.
jennifer hunter, herndon
Dislikes: plaka grill
Reviewed 1/13/2010

By far one of my favorite places to go when I am treating myself to great old fashioned breakfast! the people are smiling and warm, and the food tastes great, and homecooked. If you are going on a Saturday show up early because people will wait as long as it takes for one of those Chicken Paprikas, with Onions and Cream...yummy!!!
steve turner city: viennq
Age: 18-28
Dislikes: The Deli
Reviewed: 01/16/2010

Amphora serves the best Greek specialties, i have ever eat. it's a good
place to hang out . there are a huge menu,Their specials are a really good value.
Soup and salad included. really delicious. you cannot regret this.
jeremy jonhson, fairfax
Age: 18-28
Likes: Classic chicken Coq Au Vin, Carrots, Celery and Burgundy Wine
Dislikes: plaka grill
Reviewed: 01/8/2010

I love going to Amphora's. The servers are so wonderful there, the food is
really really good and the restaurant is clean and very nice.
all the time i go there, i spend a very good time
jennifer ballard, reston
Age: 18-28

One of very very few options for late food in the area. Unfortunately we were not happy with our dinner. I have had breakfast here too and it is much better. If its not too late (i.e. before 3am on the weekend) you are much better off going down to the Silver Diner.
Gaurav, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Sweetwater Tavern, Thai Luang, Champs, Rio Grande, McCormick Schmicks
Dislikes: Non-Mexican fast food
Reviewed: 03/16/08

Amphora is definitely the culinary anchor of Herndon/Reston. While there are many other good restaurants in the area, Amphora has something for everyone, at anytime of day, and the food is always fantastic. Not suprisingly, every single greek/mediterranean dish is delicious. Try the gyros, souvlaki, felafel or aegean sandwich. You will not be disappointed. The triple mediterranean delight appetizer is amazing and the pita bread is homemade and by far the best pita bread I've ever had. I could eat it by itself and be happy. Non-greek highlights are their omlettes, cakes/pastries and the peanut butter pancakes.
Jeff, Reston
Age: 18-28
Likes: Kabob Palace, Top Thai
Dislikes: Big Bowl, Appleby's
Reviewed: 10/06

My wife and I moved into this area from southern Virginia. We where looking for a good breakfast spot to eat.Amphora's Diner Deluxe is that place. The food was GREAT, the service was awsome, and the speed at which we recieved our food was amazing.At first I was a ittle sceptical about how fast it was served, then I tasted it,WOW thats all I can say.The atmosphere was great, not your typical Saterday morning diner, the staff greeted you, the waitress took time to "talk" to you and get your order right. We now have a NEW favorite place to eat.
Pat Coe, Herndon
Likes: Olive garden
Dislikes: Fast food
Reviewed: 9/23/2007

Without a doubt one of the best restaurants in the area. The only place I go for breakfast. The food is always very good, and serving sizes are big. The staff is very friendly. Their cakes are the best! Just go there for desert some night... Washingtonian Magazine rated Amphora best late night restaurant 2007.
Joe, Herndon
Likes: Tortilla Factory
Dislikes: Fast Food
Reviewed: 1/08