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Tarin Thai
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1106 Herndon Pkwy
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: Out Door
Full Bar

A decent Thai option in Herndon. They think the buffet is a relatively recent thing and They are sure its working better. This place is tucked away behind the Chipolte on Elden shree so keep you eyes open if you go.  The décor inside is actually pretty tame for a Thai place.  No super bright or loud colors. This is a family owned restaurant with great hospitality and service. Inside, the atmosphere is similar to many other local Thai restaurants with a pleasing colorful yet elegant decor. Carryout and delivery available. Reviewed 05/05

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User Review

This was my first visit to this restaurant that I had heard a a lot of positive things about. Unfortunately, the bad experience started as soon as we had ordered. Within 1 minute one of our main courses was on the table, not both, just one. Great, except for the fact that we had also ordered two different types of spring rolls as appertizers! We figured they had forgotten about that and we didn't care enough to mention it since we had food in front of us. A minute later they brought out the second main course which was supposed to have been a tofu dish. Without thinking about it I started eating and realized I was eating chicken. Not a great experience when you are a vegetarian!! We got that straightened out and I quickly received my tofu dish. The portions of rice they give you are absolutely tiny so we asked for more rice without realizing that they charge $1.50 for each extra little bowl! Unbelievable. When we had nearly finished our food the waitress comes up to us and says that they were having trouble making the spring rolls. ??? Did she think we wanted spring rolls for dessert perhaps? When you order an appertizer you kind of expect to get it before then main course! We told her we no longer wanted or needed the spring rolls. When we finally received the check, we discovered the extra charges for the rice and also $12.00 worth of spring rolls on there. We finally managed to get the waitress' attention to point this out. She apologized but said it was because she was so busy. There were 3 tables occupied in the whole restaurant, including ours! The bottom line is that the food is tasty, but this was the worst service I have ever received in a restaurant and I would never go back because of it. It was a very bad experience that ruined our night out.
Jenny Richmond, Herndon
Likes : Coastal Flats
Dislikes: Olive Garden
Reviewed: May 29, 2009

I had Thai dishes in Phuket, Bangkok, Singapore, Atlanta, New York & Central Floida. But Tarin Thai is just as good as having authentic dishes in Thailand. The portion is just right & the sevice is fast. The two main ingredients, coconut milk & curry paste is freshly made. The green curry is superior compare to any other restaurants that I have dined. I give 5 star out of one to five.
Mel, Sterling
Likes: Seasons 52
Dislikes: Mcdonald
Reviewed: 02/23/09

I found Tarin Thai off the Herndon Cuisine website and I was NOT disappointed. Service was excellent and the food was even better. I had the Plah Goong and the Tom Yum Goong soup for starters. I would strongly recommend the Tom Yun Goong soup. Its a great way to warm up, and the flavor combinations are uniquely Thai. Its a dish I order at every Thai restaurant I visit, and I will have to say that Tarin Thai's version ranks very high on my list. Its not too spicy, but just enough to heat you up.
The shrimp tasted great and reasonably fresh, and the spices and veggies were also fresh and very authentic. The spiciness was perfect (most of the dishes I ordered were ranked as 2 or 3 "peppers:) and the portions were certainly adequate. For my main course I had the Pad Ped Pah with shrimp ($2 extra for shrimp - but worth it) which was also excellent. Their sauces are fantastic and its clear the chef is familiar with authentic Thai cuisine.I would highly recommend this place to eat while in Herndon. Many locals seemed to be coming in for takeout, but since I was in town on business I ate in the restaurant. The staff also seemed very friendly.
Jeff, Raleigh, NC
Age: 18-28
Likes: Cafe Zen Asian Bistro
Dislikes: Golden Corral
Reviewed: 12/6/2007

Fabulous Food. Fresh and made as hot (or mild) as you'd like it. Highly recommended for anyone who likes Thai Food.
Brian, Herndon, VA
Likes Big Bowl
Dislikes: Fudruckers

My husband, who lived in Bangkok as a teenager, claims that Tarin Thai has the most authentic, best tasting Thai food available in the Metropolitan Area. He constantly raves about the quality of ingredients and the artful presentation. The rest of our family recognizes it as just the most fantastic Thai food ever! Lunch and dinner are served equally elegantly. Any item on the menu is a sure bet. The owner and staff are the friendly and knowledgeable. As we leave, we are always planning our next visit. Try it just once and you WILL return!
Mary W., Herndon, VA
Likes: Outback Steakhouse
Dislikes: Hard Times Cafe
Reviewed 3/16/06

We went into Tarin Thai in a good mood. We left in a not-so-good mood. Authenticity, presentation and flavor aside, the portions were slightly below average in size. There was hardly any chicken in the Green Curry at all. The amount of rice provided with the Green Curry was down right embarrassing. It looked like it had been measured with the smallest ice cream scoop available. I would say it was made with a melon baller, but I don't want to exaggerate. They then want to charge extra for more rice. Maybe this is customary in the DC area, but I can tell you that there was only one other time that a restaurant skimped me on rice and tried to charge extra for more; they are no longer in business. I also have no idea what all of the raving about the quality of service was. Maybe since the last person spoke some Thai, they were friendly to them, but I can assure you that the service was awkward at best. First we were sat at the bar, and we made the mistake of asking the man there about the menu. He couldn't convey anything about any of the dishes. I suspect it was a language barrier issue, but then maybe he belonged in the kitchen. After we ordered, we were then sat at a table. Aside from bringing me my food and my check, there wasn't much table service. I even mentioned the rice thing to the waitress and she quickly responded with the unyielding and unsympathetic..."Well that's how much we give."...answer. So that fell on deaf ears. The final insult came when they didn't honor the expired coupon they had the nerve to distribute. I obtained and verified that they were still giving out the same menu with an expired coupon on it, so I made the mistake of assuming that they would honor it. WRONG! I could go on about the decor but what is the point. I won't be visiting Tarin Thai again and suggest the same to the rest of you. Sorry.
Bill, Herndon
Age: 18-28
Likes: Carrabba's
Dislikes: Bob Evans
Reviewed: 09/11/06

We enjoy going to Tarin Thai and go there quite frequently. We find the waiters very polite and attentive and we really like the food there. The portions are fairly generous. The dessert though is sometimes hit or miss. We usually get our favourite Thai dessert custard with sticky rice and this time it wasn't very good - a bit too sweet and lumpy. We had the ice coffee this time and it tastes really good with just enough sweetness and flavour but not too strong to keep us up at night.
Josephine Y, Herndon
Likes: Minerva
Dislikes: Thai Palms
Reviewed: 10/9/06

The food and service at Tarin Thai are both outstanding. I enjoy trying new meals and at Tarin Thai there is always something great to eat and the portions are satisfying not only in taste but in quantity. The service is very personal and I have had great recommendations from the servers as to what meals I would enjoy based on my culinary preference. This is a family owned restaurant and it shows - in a good way. Nina, who I believe is one of the owners, comes out to ensure the guests are happy with their meals and has even created a special meal for me - Not even on the menu! The atmosphere is very relaxing with water features and soft music. It's a great place to go with friends, family or even a date. I am now a regular and I would have to say I highly recommend the place. You absolutely HAVE to try it.
Dave Rose, Herndon
Likes: Teocale Tamale, Sweetwater Tavern, Costal Flats, Obi Sushi
Dislikes: Rio Grande, Don Pablos, Olive Garden
Reviewed: 10/18/2006

The first time I walked into Tarin Thai Cuisine, I felt like I was at home. Service was friendly and the owner, Nina, was really kind to come out and recommend the food that was not on the menu. The foods were excellent. I've been to Thailand once, and I think that the food here is really authentic. If you cannot eat spicy then you can suggest it to the waitress/waiter. If you have not been to Tarin yet, I am telling you that you are missing out!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO GO TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!
Linh Nguyen, Herndon
Likes: Bertucci
Dislikes: Fuddruckers
Reviewed: 1/16/2007

I went to Tarin Thai for lunch after reading the good reviews from this site. Service was excellent and very friendly. I ordered the spring rolls both fresh and fried. Fried spring rolls were very quick coming out and very tasty. The fresh spring rolls on the other hand had a strange taste probably stemming from the crab meat. I didn't much care for it, but that is a personal taste.We then ordered 2 things, spicy chicken curry and spicy chicken with peppers and spices.I think the curry sauce was a little thick but the dish was spot on with the flavour of the curry. The other dish was also very good, but I truly like a spicy flavour in the actual sauce and not just the diced peppers in the dish. 3 pepper icon stating this is one of their spiciest dishes but I believe its just the peppers that are diced into the dish that gives it this icon.Overall the experience was good and its a nice thai place to eat. But I don't think I will return.
Will Lipford, Reston
Likes: Icehouse Cafe
Dislikes: Red Lobster
Reviewed: 10/25/2006

Tarin Thai's food has the most authentic Thai flavor you can find in this area. My favorite dish: Drunken Noodles, they are spicy and very tasty. The decor is very pleasant, and the service cordial. Definitely a place to remember and return.
Antonio Lozada, Herndon
Likes: Rosa Mexicano
Dislikes: Bertucci's
Reviewed: 01/13/07

My wife and I have been trying to find a good Thai restaurant near our house and we are so happy to finally found this place!! Since then, we dine at Thai Tarin at least twice a week. The food is authentic, freshly prepared and always delicious. Staff are super friendly and service is always excellent. The restaurant is conveniently located in the shopping center with plently of parking spaces. The dining room is clean and decorated very nicely with full bar. We also love their lunch buffet, they have very good varieties of selection from soups, appitizers, and entrees for only $8.95! (you should get there early for lunch to beat the crowd :)
Faye, South Riding
Age: 18-28
Dislikes: Anita's
Reviewed: 02/02/07

This is one of the best Thai cuisine in Herndon, VA. I've tried almost everything on the menu and I love it all. Food is always freshly prepared and consistently yummy. Staffs are very friendly and helpful to guests and children (my two daughters love them). Recently I witnessed a well-handled situation by Tarin's staff. While I was eating at the restaurant, there was one table with family of around 8 people including 2 children. One of the children was very sick and threw up all over the table and carpet, the restaurant staff immediately came over and offered to help the parents take care of the child, cleaned up the mess, and continue to provide good customer service...(puke smells yucky!!!, so that was very impressive to me :)
Nong, Herndon
Also Likes: Tashibana
Reveiwed: May 6, 2007

I have found an excellent Thai restaurant! I have visited at least 8
Thai restaurants in the area. This one is the best! I went on a Friday for the lunch buffet. The Pad Thai was cooked perfect. Not greasy at all. The Panang Curry was AWESOME!!! The Thom Kha soup was very good also! The food was amazing! The service was great. A very pleasant staff. I will visit this place a lot in the future!

Kevin, Manassas
Likes: A Taste of the World
Dislikes: Royal Buffet
Reviewed: 9/28/07