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46000 Old Ox Rd
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: No
Delivery: Yes, minimum $55

Shalimar is a Pakistani restaurant serving Indian food and kabobs. It's easy to miss if you don't know it's there, across the street from the old Herndon Police station and next to the Hula Inn. This is your typical "crummy but good" restaurant with a tacky, crungy decor, but good food. You order from a menu on the wall at the cash register, and you're served on syrofoam plates with plastic forks. There is a lunch buffet during the week for $6.50 and on the weekends for $7.95 from noon to 3 pm. The selection on the buffet is limited, and does not include kabobs. Kabobs are about $8 and other entrees are $13-$14. All entrees and kabobs come with naan (flat bread) and two side dishes. They also serve a selection of Pakistani appetizers, drinks and desserts. The restaurant has two televisions, always showing Pakistani programs. The employees seem more interested in each other than in the customer, but overall this is a restaurant worth visiting if you are looking for an interesting, off-the-beaten path place to eat.
Reviewed 06/05

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User Reviews

Shalimar is a GREAT Restaurant!!! And no it's not a "Pakistani restaurant serving Indian Food"...it's a Pakistani restaurant serving GREAT Pakistani food. Indian food is too spicy and can give you an upset stomach. Shalimar and most Pakistani food for that matter has been easy on my American stomach and I LOVE it!!!
Lisa, Sterling
Reviewed: August 2008

I have to diverge slightly from the main review: Shalimar is not a crummy place with good food; Shalimar is a crummy place with GREAT food. The decor and presentation are lacking - though I was intrigued by the Brit-Pak soap opera playing at lunch time. However, I think that the food is the best Indo-Pakistani fare I've had in Northern Virginia, and perhaps anywhere in the US where I have eaten the food of the sub-continent. The lunch buffet offered daal, chickpeas, saag paneer, and best of all, sublimely spiced whole okra. There were three meat dishes - all chicken this day. The spicing for each was different, but in all cases was incredibly well done. Not mouth searingly hot, the spices were remarkably fresh tasting. Most revealing was the tandoori chicken, which too often in the US tastes simply like chicken you've cooked yourself in a Weber Kettle. The tandoori chicken at Shalimar had been well marinated, and presented the best mix of chicken, charcoal grilling, and Indian spices I've tasted. Truly remarkable. The meal was also served with a whole round of freshly baked naan bread. If you like Indian and Pakistani food, you've got to try Shalimar.
Mike Egan, Alexandria, VA
Likes: Jaleo
Dislikes: Bailey's Pub
Reviewed: 10/27/2006