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Fosters Grille
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905 Herndon Parkway
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Credit Cards: Yes
Smoking: Yes (outside seating only)
Yes (beer only)
Delivery: No

Fosters "Charburger" is the best burger in town. It's a huge sandwich made to order and has a wonderful grilled flavor. There are several other sandwiches on the menu, and a kids menu as well. Every sandwich comes with fries and a drink. The fries are great if you eat them there, but they don't hold up long if you take your order to go. It's best to go during non-peak hours to avoid crowds. The service is very friendly, like a neighborhood pub. Foster's Grille is a franchise with locations in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Missouri.
Reviewed 09/07

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I like the whole idea of the daily sandwich specials currently being
offered: Buffalo Chicken; SouthWest Chicken; Philly Steak and Cheese; Grilled
Chicken with Provalone; Fried Fish; and Chicken Fillet. If you don't need to be
eating the great hamburgers, then they have some good options (okay they are not on the Weight Watchers list but they are a "little" healthier than the burgers).
Danny, Sterling
Likes : Uncle Juilio's Rio Grande
Dislikes: not sure I dislike any...
Reviewed: 9/22/2010

I ordered a chicken sandwhich w/ a salad. Chicken sandwhich wasn't bad though very overpriced for something this basic. Salad was very boring and again, overpriced for what you get. Atmosphere was okay though service was quite slow and not very friendly. Would go back to try again though wouldn't be my first choice of lunch spots.
A. Stuart, Herndon
Likes: Panera Bread
Dislikes: Mr. Pepperoni
Reviewed: 3/20/08

Burger was good. Only combo deals available on the menu so you'd HAVE to go with fries and soda all included in the price. You go in, pick up the checklist menu, write your name, circle the items you wanna order and stand in line (huge, atleast 20.. but only as its new restaurant). You also mark if you gonna sit inside or outside or if its togo. You order by giving them the checklist, pay cash/creditcard, get your soda cup and get your desired soda from the fountain. Take a table and sit and WAIT. after sometime, there is a waiter with an order in hand walking around from table to table asking if its yours and if the order named person is at your table? finally when he comes to your table you two meet to get your sandwich. Not all that great idea unless you could call the name and we could flag/wave him to come here directly. Or, maybe instead of write the name on the checklist, write your table number so the server can come to the table directly. (there were no numbering on the tables that we could see). Food was descent. Atmosphere was corporate crowd. LOT OF NOISE. Just like at a bar in DC. Oh, they do serve beer. Decor is trendy and feels like a sports bar. I'd go there again. I'd give the place a 3 out of 5.
The Truck Guy, Arlington, VA
Age: 18-28
Likes: Chili's, TGIF, Ruby Tuesday
Dislikes: Outback Steak House
Reviewed: 9/19/2007

Unusal method of ordering. You walk up and they hand you a pad and you circle what you want. It's noted on the pad that only one drink refill is included. If you want more than one refill they charge 25 cents. They have a self-serve soda fountain. It's been my experience that most restaurants offer unlimited free refills when they have a self-serve fountain. Seemed a little cheap to me. The french fries that came with my meal were extremely salty. I couldn't finish the fries due to the high salt content. The chicken sandwich I tried was OK.
Jim, Herndon
Likes: Red Robin
Dislikes: Mr. Pepperoni's
Reviewed: 9/20/07